Unraveling the Mysteries of Nagamandala: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Magic!

The story revolves around Rani, married to Appana, who neglects her for a concubine.

Rani receives magical roots from an old blind woman, hoping to win Appana's love.

Despite her efforts, the roots fail, leading Rani to feed a magical curry to an ant hill.

the curry with magical roots, the cobra ate on the ant hill.

A Cobra, enchanted by the curry, assumes the form of Appana and visits Rani at night.

Rani believes her dream of Appana's nightly visits is a reality when she becomes pregnant.

Appana accuses Rani of infidelity, leading to a village trial to prove her innocence.

Rani undergoes an ordeal with the Cobra to prove her innocence and is accepted by the village.

The Cobra's jealousy leads to a tragic end, where it dies in Rani's hair.

The listener adds a happy ending where the Cobra survives, hidden in Rani's hair.

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nagamandala by girish karnad