A letter to god mcq questions Class 10 First term examination

A letter to god MCQ questions: This lesson has solved for class 10 Secondary first term examinations. All the questions have been taken from NCERT and JCERT Book. You must prepare these questions for the final examinations. If you belong to Jharkhand Academic Council Ranchi then it would be more helpful for you. Let’s start the lesson.

1. Who is the author of the story ‘A letter to God’?

a. G.L. Fuentes
b. Shakespeare
c. Anne Frank
d. None of these

2. What amount did Lencho demanded from God?

a. 50 pesos
b. 100 pesos
c. 150 pesos
d. 200 pesos

3. What amount did the postmaster able to collect?

a. 30 pesos
b. 50 pesos
c. 70 pesos
d. 100 pesos

4. Lencho’s house was situated on:

a. in the city
b. in the forest
c. at top of a hill
d. near the river

5. The field was looked as if it were covered by……………

a. water
b. salt
c. sugar
d. sands

6. What did Lencho think about the post office empoyees?

a. bunch of crooks
b. wicked
c. robbers
d. Kind-hearted

7. Lencho campared the large raindrops with?

a. new coins
b. big coins
c. white coins
d. future coins

8. How was Lencho’s corn field ruined by?

a. animals
b. rain
c. hailstone
d. thief

9. Who did Lencho have great faith on?

a. His wife
b. God
c. Postmaster
d. Himself

10. Whom did Lencho write a letter when he was in trouble?

a. To God
b. To his best friend
c. To his brother
d. To the postmaster

11. Lencho was waiting for?

a. Cloud
b. Rain
c. Good news
d. None of these

12. Lencho was a poor farmer but he knew how to…………….

a. Write
b. Teach
c. Predict
d. None of these

13. Lencho had only hope left a help from:

a. Friends
b. Relatives
c. God
d. Father

14. Who answered Lencho’s letter?

a. Postmaster
b. Relatives
c. God
d. Father

15. When rain stoped lencho’s heart filled with:

a. happy
b. sorrow
c. hope
d. None of these

16. Who was Lencho?

a. farmer
b. doctor
c. postmaster
d. None of these

17. What was Lencho’s wife preparing when he was waiting for rain?

a. breakfast
b. lunch
c. supper
d. All of these

18. How many children did Lencho have?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

19. As the strong wind blew, the rain changed into?

a. hailstone
b. cloud
c. water
d. wealth

20. When Lencho counted the money, he became angry because:

a. he received 50 pesos
b. he received 70 pesos
c. he received 80 pesos
d. he received 99 pesos

Ans: 1-(a), 2-(b), 3-(c), 4-(c), 5-(b), 6-(a), 7-(a), 8-(c), 9-(b), 10-(a), 11-(b),12-(a), 13-(c), 14-(a), 15-(b), 16-(a), 17-(c), 18-(b), 19-(a), 20-(b)

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