Death of a Salesman as a Tragedy

Death of a Salesman is a tragic play written by the prominent American playwright Arthur Miller in 1949. It premiered for the first time in February 1949 on Broadway. This tragic play has been performed almost 742 times. This Play is tragic because it fulfills all the requirements to be called a Tragic play. According … Read more

William Blake: Life and works

William Blake was born on 28 November 1757 in Soho, London, England, and died on 12 August 1827 at the age of 69 in Charing Cross, London, England. He was an English poet, painter, and printmaker. Black was the third child of 7 children of his parents. William Blake His father’s name was James, a … Read more

Alexander Pope: Life and Works

Life Introduction Alexander pope was a translator, poet, and satirist born on 21 May 1688 in London, England, and died on 30 May 1744 in England at 56. He is considered a great British Poet after William Shakespeare. His father’s name also was Alexander Pope. He was a linen merchant in the Strand, London. His … Read more

She Stoops to Conquer Summary

She Stoops to Conquer is a five-act comedic play with a prologue first acted in 1773 in London. The prologue starts with Mr Woodward—known to Goldsmith’s contemporaries as a comic actor—weeping because comedy is supposedly dead. He hopes Goldsmith’s play will make him laugh, obtaining the comic arts back to life. It’s important to note that … Read more

Literature and Society | BA English Semester 1 Notes

Literature and Society: Literature can benefit society, provided it is studied or applied positively. Still, it can be very detrimental to society if what is contained within it is used with malice. I will be focusing on how literature is helpful to the community. Literature means something that is written to refresh and inspire the … Read more

Paul Beatty: Life and Works

Life Introduction Paul Beatty is one of the most popular American writers. He is also an associate professor of writing at Columbia University. He was born on June 9, 1962, in Los Angeles, California. He married Althea Wasow who was the sister of Omar Wasow, the founder of Black Planet Founder. He is 60 years … Read more

Chetan Bhagat: Life and Works

Life Introduction Chetan Bhagat is India’s most famous author of modern India. He was born on 22 April 1974 in Delhi in a traditional Punjabi Hindu family. His father was a Lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army, and his mother served as a scientist at the Indian agriculture Research Institute New Delhi. He has studied … Read more

Arthur Miller: Life and Works

Arthur Miller: Life Arthur Miller was an American Playwright, screenwriter, and essayist who was born on October 17, 1915, in Manhattan, New York, U.S., and died on February 15, 2005, in Roxbury, Connecticut, U.S. Miller was the second of three children of three children of his parents, Augusta and Isidore Miller. Miller’s father, Isidore, was … Read more

Earnest Hemingway: Life and Works

Life Earnest Miller Hemingway is considered one of the most famous American novelists, short story writers, and a journalist. Born July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois, U.S., He was the second child and first son of Clarence Edmonds Hemingway and Grace Hall Hemingway. His father, Clarence Edmonds Hemingway, was a physician and his mother, … Read more