An Alien Hand Class 7 English Chapter 10 Notes, Summary, Questions Answers

“An Alien Hand” by Jayant Narlikar, is a part of the Class 7 English curriculum in India.

An Alien Hand Summary

Tilloo is a young boy who lives with his parents on Mars. The people of Mars live underground because the surface of the planet is too harsh to sustain life. Tilloo’s father works in a secret facility that Tilloo is not allowed to visit. One day, Tilloo sneaks into the facility and sees a large, mechanical hand emerging from a spacecraft. The hand begins to collect soil samples from the Martian surface. Tilloo is excited by the sight of the alien hand, but he also feels a sense of fear. He presses a red button on the control panel, which causes the hand to stop moving.

The next day, Tilloo’s father tells him that the spacecraft was from Earth. The scientists on Earth were conducting a survey of Mars to see if there was any evidence of life. Tilloo’s father explains that the red button that Tilloo pressed was a safety measure to prevent the alien hand from harming anyone. Tilloo is relieved to hear this, and he is also proud of himself for helping to protect his planet.

The story ends with Tilloo and his father watching the alien spacecraft as it flies away from Mars. Tilloo knows that the people of Earth will never forget the day that they met the people of Mars.

The story “An Alien Hand” is a thought-provoking exploration of the themes of first contact, fear, and trust. It is a reminder that even though we may be different, we are all part of the same universe.

An Alien Hand Questions and Answers

Q1: Why did Tilloo sneak into the facility?
Ans: Tilloo was curious about what his father was working on, and he was also excited by the possibility of meeting aliens.

Q2: Why did Tilloo feel fear when he saw the alien hand?
Ans: Tilloo was afraid of the unknown. He had never seen anything like the alien hand before, and he didn’t know what it was capable of.

Q3: Why did Tilloo press the red button?
Ans: Tilloo pressed the red button because he was afraid that the alien hand might harm someone. He didn’t want to take any chances.

Q4: What did Tilloo learn from his experience?
Ans: Tilloo learned that even though we may be different, we are all part of the same universe. He also learned that it is important to be curious and to explore the unknown.

Q5. Why did Tilloo want to go to the forbidden route?
Ans: Tilloo wanted to go to the forbidden route because he was curious about what was on the other side. He had heard stories about the sun and the stars, and he wanted to see them for himself.

Q6: What did Tilloo learn when he went to the forbidden route?
Ans: Tilloo learned a lot when he went to the forbidden route. He learned about the sun and the stars, and he learned about the world outside of his underground home. He also learned about the dangers of the forbidden route, and he decided that he would not go back there again.

Q7. What do you think would have happened if Tilloo had not pressed the red button?
Ans: If Tilloo had not pressed the red button, the mechanical hand from the spacecraft would have continued to dig out the soil from the surface of the planet. This would have allowed the scientists on Earth to learn more about Mars, and it could have led to a better understanding of the planet and its inhabitants.

Q8. What do you think the future holds for Tilloo and his family?
Ans: I think the future holds a lot of hope for Tilloo and his family. They have learned a lot about the world outside of their underground home, and they are now more aware of the dangers that exist. I think they will be able to use this knowledge to build a better future for themselves.