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Godaan Summary For BA English Honours Students.

“Godaan” novel is Munshi Premchand’s most famous novel. It was published in 1936 in Hindi, and later it was translated into English by Gordon C. Roadarmel in 1968. In this novel, Premchand has shown the pathetic condition of the poor peasants of India during British rule. He represents the poor condition of farmers living in villages. He highlights how zamindars and moneylenders exploited farmers.

In this novel, there is Hori Ram as the central character. Dhaniya is his wife, and they have three children, One son Gobar and two daughters, Sona and Rupa. Hori desired to have a cow, but he knew that he would not ever buy a cow, so he would have to do some tricks. In the opening, Hori hurried to go to Rai Sahab, a Zamindar, to appear before him, so he went without breakfast. On the way, Bhola was coming from the market and bought two cows. Bhola was a window, but still, he had hope of getting married. He had two married sons and a widower daughter Jhuniya.

Hori tricked Bhola into getting his cows. He did him false promise that he would help him get married once again. Bhola became very happy hearing that and offered a cow to Hori, but Hori refused because Bhola was giving him cow as he had no straw to feed it. But Hori gives him straw and then takes one cow. Hori has a cow; this fact did not like his brother Hira, so he poisoned him to death and fled somewhere. Gobar has an affair with Jhuniya, so he takes her to his home, and out of fear of his parents, he flies away to Lucknow. Hori and Dhaniya had to accept Jhuniya as their daughter-in-law because she was pregnant, and they couldn’t leave her in this condition.

For this, the society imposed a 100 rupees penalty keeping Jhuniya at their home and cutting their crop for the feast. Hori arranged the money by putting his home on the mortgage. Bhola asked Hori to remove Jhuniya from his house or give his cow money, but as Hori has no money, he did not want Jhuniya to be homeless. Bhola took their two bullocks to his home. Hori and their whole family worked in Dattadin’s land as labourers to survive. Hori had to sell his house for Sona’s marriage. He fixed Rupa’s marriage with a half older man due to having no dowry. In the last stage of Hori, he worked as a labourer and dead. His last wish had a cow that was not fulfilled, so after his death, Dhaniya donated one rupee and twenty-five paise by Hori’s hand as “Godaan.”

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