Journey to the End of the Earth MCQ Questions Class 12th

Journey to the End of the Earth: Class 12th English Core Solutions for the First Term examinations. All the questions are set according to the Final Board Examinations. The Questions are based on NCERT and JCERT Books. Jharkhand Pathshala Especially works on Arts Syllabus Class 12th. Follow our website to get new updates and content.

Journey To the End of The Earth MCQ Questions

Q.1. Who is th author of the story ‘Jounney to the end of th Earth’?

a. Alphones Douted
b. Kalki
c. Tishani Dosi
d. Jack Finney

Q.2. Where should one go to know the planet’s past, present and future?

a. South pole
b. North pole
c. Antarctica
d. Australia

Q.3. Which continent is the highest coldest, driest and the windiest in the world?

a. Europe
b. Asia
c. Australia
d. Antarctica

Q.4. The auther spent the time to reach the Antrarctica:

a. 100 hours
b. 200 hours
c. 300 hours
d. 400 hours

Q.5. When was the super continent Gondwana Exist?

a. 650 million years ago
b. 690 million years ago
c. 700 million years ago
d. 750 million years ago

Q.6. When was the Gondwana thrived?

a. 400 million years ago
b. 500 million years ago
c. 600 million years ago
d. 700 million years ago

Q.7. What percentage of the total ice of the earth is stored in Anarctica?

a. 75%
b. 80%
c. 90%
d. 91%

Q.8. Which program was the author a part of?

a. Research program
b. Students on Ice Program
c. School Picnic
d. none of these

Q.9. Which program was a life changing program?

a. Tour and Travels
b. Students on Ice
c. Discovering Earth
d. Ozon layer

Q.10. What disturbed the silence of the continet?

a. The humans
b. The animals
c. The birds
d. none of these

Q.11. Why is Antarctica completely pure?

a. Because of Ice
b. Because of avalanches
c. Because of the non-existence of humans
d. because of melting glaciers

Q.12. How has man created ruckus on the earth?

a. by traveling
b. by encroaching the earth
c. by visiting Iceland
d. none of these

Q.13. What was the center of Gondwana super continent?

a. Asia
b. Europe
c. Antarctica
d. Australia

Q.14. What used to flourished on Antartica years back?

a. Animals
b. Humans
c. Dynasore
d. Fauna and Flora

Q.15. What kind of Atmosphere does Antarctica have?

a. coldest
b. driest
c. windiest
d. All of these

Q.16. The team of the ‘studenst on Ice program’ passed to reach Antarctica:

a. Nine-time zones
b. six checkpoints
c. three bodies of water
d. All of these

Ans: (1- c) (2- c) (3- d) (4- a) (5- a) (6- b) (7- c) (8- b) (9- b) (10- a) (11- c) (12- b) (13- c) (14- d) (15- d) (16- d)

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