Language and Communication skills [ Sem 2 ] BBMKU Common Compulsory Course

BBMKU FYUGP Language and Communication Skills Syllabus of Common Compulsory Course. This syllabus is provided according to the BBMKU University 2023. Please check the regular update from its official website.

Language and Communication skills

Full Marks: 100

The paper is divided into three parts:

Functional Grammar 40 Marks

UNIT IUnderstanding comprehension1. Unseen prose piece
2. Unseen poetic piece
Questions will be based on the understanding of the given extracts
(8+8) 16
UNIT IIReport Writing / ParagraphEvent/current issues/Grievances8
UNIT IIILetter Writingformal, informal/ Letter of Inquiry / Complaints, Grievance, Redressal letters, e-mail & Right to information8
UNIT IVBio-Data / Resume / CVself/others for job/ career opportunities8

Grammar and Translation 40 Marks

UNIT VSyntaxApplication of suitable forms of verbs6
UNIT VICommon ErrorMark & Correct Error6
UNIT VIIVoiceActive to passive6
UNIT VIIINarrationDirect to Indirect 6
UNIT IXClauseIndependent/ Subordinate/ Relative Clause/ Noun / Verb / Adjective / Adverbbial6
UNIT XAntonyms / Synonyms10
CVIVA- VOICE TESTThere will be a Viva-Voice Test of all the students of 20 marks. External examiners/ Experts will be appointed to evaluate the communication skills of the examinees.20

Language and Communication skills, the Common Compulsory Course provided by the BBMKU University Dhanbad. Here is the syllabus according to the new syllabus of BBMKU. You also check the regular changes and updates from its official website.