My Class Teacher Essay for class 10 and 12

My Class Teacher or, My Favourite Teacher

You can use is this essay for the class 8 to 12 English Exam.

There are twenty-two teachers in my school. All are good and well qualified. Mr Jayant Chakrapani is my class teacher and he is my favourite. All the teachers are good but he is the best. Most of the students of my school liked him and I am too.

Mr Jayant Chakrapani is an A.M in Economics. He also teaches English, Political, History and other subjects when we need them. He has been in the teaching profession for the last 15 years. So, he is adept in the art of teaching. He belongs to a respectable family.

There are some definite reasons that make him the most popular teacher in the school. He has a very simple personality. His life is pure and pious. He is an expert in teaching. He makes all the topics very easy and interesting. He has magic to motivate the students. Even I do not interested in the study, but now I have become the first bencher from the last bencher. He has a great talent to charm the students. I never miss his classes. When he is in the class when time flies I don’t realize. He teaches the students even at his residence without charging any fee. Not only this, he helps the poor student with books and money. He is not only a good teacher but also a great social reformer. He devotes his leisure time to removing the ills of society. 

He loves all the students so he is loved by all. All the students have great love and respect for him. Even the people of locality love and respect him. I always follow his guidance. 

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