Sakuntala Character Sketch Very Important Questions for Semester 1 BBMKU

Sakuntala is a prominent character in Hindu mythology and ancient Indian literature, particularly in the epic Mahabharata and the play “Abhijnanasakuntalam” (The Recognition of Sakuntala) by the ancient Indian playwright Kalidasa.

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Sakuntala is often depicted as the daughter of the sage Vishwamitra and the celestial nymph Menaka. Her birth is surrounded by divine and mystical circumstances, contributing to her unique and special qualities.

Beauty and Grace

Sakuntala is described as exceptionally beautiful and graceful. Her physical charm is often portrayed as captivating, drawing the attention of those around her. Her beauty is not merely superficial but reflects her inner purity and goodness.

Innocence and Virtue

Sakuntala is characterized by her innocence and virtuous nature. She was raised in an ascetic environment and is known for her devotion to duty, respect for elders, and adherence to moral values. Her purity of heart becomes a defining aspect of her character.

Love Story with King Dushyanta

The most well-known aspect of Sakuntala’s story revolves around her love affair with King Dushyanta. Their union is marked by passion and genuine affection. The encounter, separation, and eventual reunion form a central theme in the narrative, showcasing the complexities of love and destiny.

Recognition and Trials

One of the key incidents in Sakuntala’s life is the curse that leads to King Dushyanta forgetting her. This curse becomes a source of significant trials for Sakuntala as she faces the challenges of being unrecognized and unacknowledged. Her steadfastness and virtue during this period underscore her resilience.


Sakuntala became a mother to Bharata, who later became a significant figure in Indian history as the founder of the Bharata dynasty, from which the term “Mahabharata” is derived. Her role as a mother adds depth to her character, showcasing her nurturing and maternal qualities.

Spiritual Connection

Sakuntala is often associated with spiritual and mystical elements due to her celestial lineage. Her connection with nature and her ability to communicate with animals contribute to her mystical aura.

Literary Influence

Kalidasa’s play, “Abhijnanasakuntalam,” has played a crucial role in shaping the popular perception of Sakuntala. The portrayal of her character in this literary work has made her an enduring symbol of love, virtue, and the enduring power of a woman’s character.