The Enemy Summary Class 12 Chapter 4

The Enemy Class 12 Chapter 4 Summary. It is a useful note for 12th-standard students. Summary in very simple language that can be easily understood.

The Enemy summary

The story is set during World War II when Japan is at war with the United States. Dr. Sadao Hoki is a Japanese surgeon who has been spared from military service because he is caring for an elderly general. One night, Dr. Hoki and his wife, Hana, find an American sailor washed up on the beach near their home. The sailor is badly wounded and delirious. Dr. Hoki and Hana decide to nurse him back to health, even though it is a dangerous thing to do.

If they are caught harboring an enemy soldier, they could be punished severely. But Dr. Hoki feels that it is his duty as a doctor to help the sailor, regardless of his nationality. He also believes that it is important to show compassion to even one’s enemies.

The sailor, whose name is Ken, slowly recovers from his injuries. Dr. Hoki and Hana teach him Japanese and help him to adjust to life in Japan. Ken tells them about his life in America, and they tell him about their lives in Japan. The three of them form a close bond.

One day, Ken is captured by the Japanese military. He is taken away and tortured, but he refuses to reveal Dr. Hoki’s and Hana’s involvement in helping him. Ken is eventually released, but he is badly traumatized by his experiences. He returns to America, where he struggles to cope with the memories of his time in Japan.

Dr. Hoki and Hana are deeply saddened by Ken’s departure. They realize that they have lost a dear friend. But they also know that they did the right thing by helping him. They have shown that even in the midst of war, it is possible to find compassion and understanding.

The story “The Enemy” is a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion and understanding, even in the face of hatred and conflict. It is a story about the power of love to overcome all obstacles.