How to complete class 12 syllabus in 2 months

How to complete class 12 syllabus in 2 months is a very common question is asked by most of the students. If you have the same question in your mind that means you are in the right place. Here I am going to share with you some opinions that really would be helpful for you. 

Know your syllabus first.

Most of the students do not know about their syllabus that what are in there to study for the examination. You need to know the complete syllabus and keep it in your mind, not in your textbooks. 

You must check out the new updated syllabus if the government make some changes according to the current situation like pollings and some epidemics. It may be possible in some cases the academic council can reduce the syllabus.

How to start preparing for the examination

YouTube can play a very important role to make your study very simple. You should watch the short videos to understand the important facts about your subjects. You need not spend any money. On YouTube, there are lots of free courses and videos are available.

You buy a question bank and read the last five years questions carefully. you note down the most repeated questions and prepare them well. Before the examination, there are lots of model paper sets are available in the market. You can buy them anywhere from the market easily. 

It would be better if you study early in the morning. In the morning, one’s mind remains free and fresh. You can remember easily that you study in the morning. Besides these, you should have certain practices like reading, repeating and writing. 

Your Health can impact your study.

Yes, it is true that your health can impact your study. So be careful about your health. It’s a common condition for the students that they feel sick when the exam is very close. They take the extra chap about their exams. It can make you unhealthy and an unhealthy person never gets success. 

To keep your body and mind fit, you must do yoga in the morning and the evening. You should complete your sleepy 8 hours every day. Follow the basic principle of ‘early to bed early to rise.’

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