The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 Important MCQ Questions

The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 ncert book solution for the JAC Board students. As we know that Jharkhand Academic Council Ranchi has decided to take the exam based on multiple-choice type questions. So here I have solved some only multiple choice type questions. The students of other academic boards also can practice these questions to enhance their knowledge.

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The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 important MCQ questions

Ques.1. Who is the author of the story “The Portrait of a Lady”?

(a) A.R. Wiliams
(b) Khushwant Singh
(c) Walt Whitman
(d) Ted Hughes

Ques.2. Where was Kushwant Singh’s grandfather’s portrait hung above?

(a) drawing room
(b) bedroom
(c) livingroom
(d) study room

Ques.3. Why did the grandmother not accompany the author to his school in the city?

(a) The author now went to school by his bicycle
(b) The author now went to school in a rickshaw
(c) The author now went to school in a motor bus
(d) none of these

Ques.4. What did the sparrows do when the dead body of grandmother was carried off?

(a) They went with the funeral procession
(b) They chirruped very much
(c) They flew away quietly
(d) none of these

Ques.5. The author’s grandfather was an old man who used to wear……………

(a) jeans
(b) trousers
(c) napkin 
(d) big turban

Ques.6. The author refused to believe that his grandmother could be ever young and …………

(a) pretty
(b) arrogant
(c) proudly
(d) ugly

Ques.7. Grandmother has been portrayed as a very ……… lady

(a) ugly
(b) arrogant
(c) proudly
(d) religious

Ques.8. The grandmother was distressed and disturbed with the teaching in the………………

(a) English 
(b) Hindi
(c) Punjabi
(d) Urdu

Ques.9. The grandmother accompanied the author to the:

(a) river
(b) school 
(c) temple 
(d) none of these

Ques.10. The grandmother believed that education should…………….

(a) computer-based
(b) idea based
(c) fact-based
(d) religious based

Ques.11. The grandmother viewed music as the monopoly of harlots and………..

(a) baggers
(b) actor
(c) dancers
(d) singer

Ques.12. The grandmother controlled her feelings when the author was going……….

(a) for music class
(b) for dance class
(c) abroad
(d) collage

Ques.13. The grandmother accompanied her family to see off and receive ……..

(a) her son
(b) her daughter
(c) her husband
(d) her grandson

Ques.14. A large number of sparrows came and sit quietly in the courtyard when the grandmother ……………

(a) died 
(b) walked
(c) sang
(d) laughed

Ques.15. The grandmother always carried with her:

(a) knife
(b) mirror
(c) handbag
(d) rosary

Ques.16. The interaction between the grandmother and the author becomes minimal when the author was given a ………………..

(a) flat
(b) separate room
(c) bungalow 
(d) none of these

Ques.17. Where did the author spend his childhood

(a) In the town with his mather
(b) In the town with his parents
(c) In the village with his parents
(d) In the village with his grandmother

Ques.18. What for did the grandmother prepare the author everyday?

(a) for office
(b) for collage
(c) for school
(d) none of these

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Answers: 1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-c, 5-d, 6-a, 7-d, 8-a, 9-b, 10-d, 11-a, 12-c, 13-d, 14-a, 15-d, 16-b, 17-d, 18-c

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