Writing skill MCQ Questions Class 11

Writing skill MCQ Questions Class 11: It is the most important chapter for class 11 for the final examination. This MCQ test is based on letter writing, report writing, notice writing and article writing etc. All the questions are very important for the annual examination. Questions have been taken from class 11th Hornbill ncert book.

The Answers of the All questions are given at the end of all questions. Match the question properly. We care about the correction of the answer but still, you must follow books.

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Q.1. In report writing, the narration of the event is always written in:

(a) present form
(b) immediate past form
(c) indefinite present form
(d) present perfect form

Q.2. In letter writing, replying to enquires come under the category of:

(a) official letter
(b) letter to editor
(c) business letter
(d) informal letter

Q.3. Letter to the editor are written to:

(a) newspaper
(b) school
(c) college
(d) club

Q.4. The purpose of the invitation letter is to:

(a) to scold
(b) to invite
(c) to praise
(d) to inquiry

Q.5. A letter written to a friend or a relative comes in the category of:

(a) formal letter
(b) informal letter
(c) demi-official letter
(d) none of these

Q.6. Letter of complaint comes in the category of:

(a) formal letter 
(b) informal letter
(c) demi-official letter
(d) none of these

Q.7. While writing articles, where should the writer mention his/her name?

(a) At the top
(b) At the end
(c) Both a and b
(d) none of these

Q.8. ‘Expression of Thanks’ is written in which of the following pieces of writing?

(a) Report writing
(b) Speech writing
(c) Article writing
(d) Notice Writing

Q.9. Official letters do not include:

(a) registering complaints
(b) making enquiries
(c) making requests/appeal
(d) application for a job

Q.10. In a formal letter, the receiver’s address includes:

(a) Sir/madam
(b) Date
(c) receiver’s name
(d) Sender’s name

Q.11. one should start a speech by:

(a) greeting the chief guest, fellow speakers & the audience
(b) specifying the topic of the speech
(c) announcing the topic of the speech
(d) none of these

Q.12. Which of the following is used while writing a note:

(a) verbs
(b) articles
(c) claused
(d) abbreviations

Q.13. Notes should be                  .

(a) nattative
(b) short
(c) abbressiated
(d) description

Q.14. Name and Designation of Addresses in business letters is written on the:

(a) right margin 
(b) at the centre
(c) left margin
(d) at the bottom

Q.15. Letters to the Editors are written to:

(a) club
(b) friend
(c) school
(d) newspapers

Q.16. Application letters come under the category of:

(a) formal letters
(b) informal letters
(c) demi-official letters
(d) none of these

Q.17. In a formal letter date is placed:

(a) above senders address
(b) below receivers address
(c) between senders and receivers address
(d) none of these

Q.18. A formal letter starts with:

(a) date
(b) subject
(c) sender’s address
(d) receiver’s address

Q.19. All business letters are:

(a) formal
(b) informal
(c) demi-official letters
(d) none of these

Q.20. A report is always written in:

(a) present tense
(b) past tense
(c) future tense
(d) all of them

Match of the answers to the above questions:

1-b, 2-a, 3-a, 4-b, 5-b, 6-a, 7-a, 8-d, 9-c, 10-c, 11-a, 12-d, 13-c, 14-c, 15-d, 16-a, 17-c, 18-c, 19-a, 20-b

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