My Mother at Sixty Six MCQ Class 12 English

My Mother at Sixty Six MCQ: It is very interesting poetry. JAC Board Examination Class 12th is coming soon. The test will be based on MCQ questions. All the questions are according to the JAC syllabus. Give your feedback in the comment sections to improve our services. We teach on Youtube to the Arts students. You can join us on Jharkhand Pathshala

My Mother at Sixty Six MCQ

Before starting questions, you must have a pen and paper. Write the options and match them with the answers. These are given at the bottom of the articles. Let’s begin:

1.  An Example of Metaphor used in the poem:
(a) as a late winter’s moon
(b) Trees sprinting, 
(c) parent’s home
(d) none of these

2. Who is sitting beside the poetess?
(a) her aunt
(b) her niece
(c) her uncle
(d) her mother

3. Where was the poetess going to:
(a) Goa
(b) Mumbai
(c) Cochin
(d) Kolkata

4. Find an example of personification used in the poem
(a) sprinting trees
(b) home to cochin
(c) airport’s security check
(d) all of these

5. Kamala Das was a:
(a) Bengali
(b) Punjabi
(c) Keralite
(d) Gujarati

6. The mother’s old age and lack of energy is a depiction of:
(a) the poet’s helplessness in old age
(b) joy and fun of old age
(c) bonding of mother with family members
(d) sickness and ill-health

7. Why does the poet feel parted, upset, and sad?
(a) because of her fears
(b) because she was getting late
(c) fear of missing her flight
(d) because of her duty towards her mother and her own needs

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8. The poem is made up of:
(a) twenty lines
(b) a single sentence
(c) ten stanzas
(d) live stanzas

9. The image of merry children has been brought out by the narrator in order to :
(a) show energy and exuberance of young children
(b) to show the children playing
(c) to show the children playing pranks
(d) to compare with herself

10. What does the narrative single sentence style of the poem highlight?
(a) Poet’s feelings
(b) Poet’s insecurities
(c) Poet’s thoughts
(d) Poet’s intertwining thoughts

English core MCQ questions Class 12 Flamingo Book

11. The narrator is only using her smile to:
(a) cover up her pain
(b) make herself happy
(c) make her mother happy
(d) make her father happy

12. She soon put that thought out of her mind and :
(a) Slept
(b) laughed heartily
(c) cried bitterly
(d) looked out of the window

13. What question arises from the complexity of the situation in the poem?
(a) What to do in old age?
(b) How to take care of one’s skin?
(e) How to drive?
(d) How to strike a balance between duties and responsibilities?

14. Smile and smile and smile is:
(a) alliteration
(b) repetition
(c) metaphor
(d) None of these

15. She said to her mother :
(a) How are you?

(b) Hello Amma
(c) good morning go
(d) see you soon. Amma

16. ‘Trees sprinting’ is a poetic device. It is:
(a) personification
(b) alliteration
(C) repetition
(d) simile

17. What does the expression smile, smile, and smile signify?
(a) the poet was going home
(b) poet was happy
(c) poet was hopeless
(d) poet’s trying to hide her fears

18. ‘Children spilling out’ is a:
(a) simile
(b) metaphor
(c) personification
(d) transferred epithet

19. Whose house was the poet leaving?
(a) her friend’s house
(b) in-law’s house

(c) her husband’s house
(d) her parents’ house

20. When the narrator looked at her mother again, she felt a pain of:
(a) her familiar ache
(b) guilt

(c) heartache
(d) a headache

21. What were the words she used while parting from her mother?
(a) See you soon Ba
(b) See you soon Beeji

(c) See you soon Mata Ji
(d) See you soon Amma

22. The narrator again compared her mother too :
(a) summer’s sun
(b) rain clouds

(c) late winter’s moon
(d) trees and plants

My Mother at Sixty Six MCQ questions class 12

23. Who is the poet of this poem?
(a) John Keats
(b) Rudyard Kipling
(c) William Wordsworth
(d) Kamala Das

24. How is the imagery of ‘young trees and merry children in contrast to the mother?
(a) Mother is old in comparison to the tree and children
(b) Mother is like ash while the trees are green and children are happy
(c) like spring and autumn season
(d) Mother’s health-hopelessness and trees and merry child youthfulness and hope

25. What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?
(a) losing her mother
(b) heart attack
(c) headache
(d) children screaming at her

26. Which Rhyming scheme is used in the poem?
(a) coupled rhyme
(b) monorhyme

(c) alternate rhyme
(d) free verse

27. Name the poetic devices used in the poem :
(a) metaphor
(b) simile
(c) alliteration
(d) all of these

28. Why did the poet look at her mother again?
(a) because she was busy
(b) because she was going away
(c) because she wanted to stay back
(d) because of fear and insecurity

29. What pangs did she feel when she looked at her mother?
(a) Pangs of headache
(b) Pangs of stomachache

(c) Pangs of knee pain
(d) Pangs of heartache

30. Which poetic device is used in “Trees sprinting”?
(a) metaphor
(b) simile
(c) alliteration
(d) personification

31. What was the expression on the poet’s face while parting from her mother?
(a) satirical
(b) funny
(c) sad
(d) smiling

32. What does this narrative style of the poem signify?
(a) differing thoughts
(b) many thoughts
(c) contrasting thoughts
(d) a single thread of thought mixed with harsh realities

My Mother at Sixty Six MCQ class 12

33. What is the universality of the theme of the poem?
(a) death is a truth
(b) life is a reality

(c) everyone is happy
(d) to show old age

34. What was the poet’s childhood fear?
(a) parting from her husband
(b) parting from her friends
(c) parting from her siblings
(d) losing her mother

35. What did the poet realize with pain?
(a) her mother’s appearance like a corpse
(b) she is inconsiderate
(c) old age is pleasant
(d) she has duties

36. What do the running trees signify?
(a) fast moving appearance
(b) speed of the moving car
(c) fast moving change in human life from childhood to old age
(d) None of these

37. What do the parting words “See you soon Amma” signify?
(a) her carelessness
(b) her optimistic farewell full of cheerfulness
(c) she bids goodbye like this
(d) she is in a hurry

38. What does the poem revolve around?
(a) Poet’s fears
(b) Poet’s love for her mother
(c) Theme of old age
(d) All of these

Match the Answer: My Mother at Sixty Six MCQ

Ans. 1. (b), 2. (d), 3. (e), 4. (a), 5. (c), 6. (a), 7. (d), 8. (b), 9. (a), 10. (d), 11. (a), 12. (d), 13. (d), 14. (b), 15. (d), 16. (a), 17. (d), 18. (b), 19. (d), 20. (a), 21. (d), 22. (c), 23. (d), 24. (d), 25. (a), 26. (d), 27. (d), 28. (d), 29. (d), 30. (d), 31. (d), 32. (d), 33. (a), 34, (d), 35. (a), 36. (c), 37. (b), 38. (d).

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My Mother At Sixty Six Summary: Brief Summary

My Mother At 66 is a rhyme concerning a mother and also her child. One fine day, the poet was driving to Cochin airport from her parent’s home. Heading, her mom was resting close to her. She additionally mentions that her mother’s age is sixty-six. While the old lady was sleeping, her mouth remained open. Her face was discolored and also light.

She appeared like a remain. The recap of the poem My Mother At Sixty 6 depicts the problem of a child seeing her mother getting old. The lifeless and also light face of the mother pained the poet’s heart. In the poem- My At 66, the poet’s appeared to have actually been lost in her own world.

In My Mother At Sixty 6 description, you will locate that the poet then averted her interest in the direction of the home window and looked at the nature that teemed with activity as well as life. Below, she reveals the comparison between the world outdoors as well as the within gloominess. My At 66 summary additionally informs us that the child reaches the airport terminal and also waits far away from her mother and also as she bids bye-bye to her, the image of her old, light face strikes her.

She contrasts exactly how one grows old and starts resembling the faded moon in the winter season. Mother At Sixty Six additional states the discomfort that the daughter feels on getting separated from her mom. Right here the haze is a challenge for the moonlight. The poet instantly feels depressing about getting divided from her mother as she really felt in her childhood. She wants to see her mother again. She expects her mother to enjoy her life and not to sob before her.

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