Price Hike Article Class12

Price Hike Article Class12: This article was specially written for Class 12 questions asked in English core model question paper 2021 issued by Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi.

Write an Article on ‘Price Hike’ in about 150-200 words

The rise of the price of goods and services is called a price hike or price rising. The price of goods and services is increasing in India day by day. Economics state that a price hike is an indicator of growth for a country. But the life of daily workers becomes very difficult. The biggest problem of the general public is the rise in price every day. Increasing Price depends on many factors. The rapid growth of population, increase in incomes, inadequate agriculture output, and inadequate industrial production are the measure causes of price hikes. High governmental GST taxes are also responsible for it. Government employees do not have much effect on price rise but Life of the common people becomes very complicated. It becomes difficult for an ordinary man to gather the essentials of day-to-day life. Ordinary people can be relieved from the problem of price rise in many ways. Government should focus more on the production of consumer goods, Take strict steps to stop population growth, Reduce taxes on consumer goods and the government should generate more and more employment so that the price increase will have less impact on the people. The public should also contribute as far as possible.

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