Report Writing On Road Accident

Report Writing On Road Accident: This article has been made for the Class 12th students. It is a very common question that comes in the annual examinations. You have written a report on a road accident. I will give you some easy report samples that you can copy for your examination.

Report Writing On Road Accident sample 1

You are Ravi/Rajani lives in Ranchi. Write a report as a newspaper reporter.

Terrible Road Accident In Govindpur
By: Amit Singh

Govindpur, March 13: A Terrible road accident took place on GT road near Govindpur. In this devastating accident, a 35 years old man has died on the spot.

According to the people who witnessed the accident, the incident took place around 10 am in the morning. A nearby tea shop vendor has told us that a bike was coming at a very high speed from the Dhanbad side. And within minutes, the bike collided with a truck at the crossing. The byke rider fell and went under the truck. The truck ran over him. the bike rider was dead on the spot. The truck ran away.

In a minute, people nearby gathered on the spot. One of them informed the police. Sub-inspector with four policemen reached there and looked into the matter. They handled the crowd and cleared the jammed road. The dead body was sent to the PMCH Dhanbad for postmortem.

The police identify the dead body. His name is Hori Desai belongs to the Gridih district. He was returning home from Dhanbad after a business deal. The police have lodged a complaint against the truck driver. Hori’s family has informed the matter.

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