The Enemy Ncert book solutions class 12 important questions answers

The Enemy Ncert book solutions

The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck
Book – Vistas
Chapter – 4

Important MCQs: The Enemy Ncert book solutions

1 Who was Dr Sadao?
a. a teacher
b. a bus-conductor
c. a doctor
d. a soldier

2 How many siblings do Sadao have?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. No siblings

3 What was Dr Sadao’s father’s chief concern?
a. Dr Sadao’s happiness
b. Dr Sadao’s games
c. Dr Sadao’s health
d. Dr Sadao’s educations

4 From which country did Dr Sadao complete his studies in Surgeon and Medicine?
a. China
b. Japan
c. America
d. Britain

5 How old was Dr Sadao when he was sent to America to Surgeon and Medicine?
a. Twenty years old
b. Twenty-one years old
c. Twenty-two years old
d. None of these

6 Who was Hana?
a. Dr Sadao’s wife
b. Dr Sadao’s assistant
c. Dr Sadao’s sister
d. Dr Sadao’s servent

7 Where did Dr Sadao and Hana meet?
a. In Australia
b. In Germany
c. In India
d. In America

8 What daughter-in-law did Dr Sadao’s father want?
a. Chinese
b. Japanese
c. Korean 
d. American

9 Who was the white man in the story?
a. An American soldier
b. A Japanese priest
c. An American prisoner
d. None of these

10 Who is the author of ‘The Enemy’?
a. Kalki
b. Tisani Dosi
c. Pearl S. Buck
d. Selma Lagerlof

Ans: 1-c, 2-d, 3-d, 4-c, 5-b, 6-a, 7-d, 8-b, 9-a, 10-c,

Fill in the blanks: The Enemy Ncert book solutions

1 Dr Sadao Hoki’s house was built on a spot of the__________ Coast. (Japanese/Chinese)

2 Dr Sadao went to America to learn surgery and _______. (operation/medicine)

3 Dr Sadao informs the General about his patient who promised to send his assassins to______ him.(save/ kill)

4 One day Dr Sadao saw an injured young ________.(soldier/doctor)

5 He decided to help the American Soldier by providing him with a boat, food and other necessary _________. (articles/medicine)

Ans: 1-Japanese, 2-medicine, 3-kill, 4- soldier, 5- articles,

Most Importa: The Enemy Ncert book solutions

1. Who was Dr Sadao Hoki? Where was his house?
Ans: Dr. Sadao was a famous and established Japanese doctor. He had gone to America for learning surgery and medicine. Dr. Sadao’s house was built on a spot on the Japanese coast. The low, square stone house was set upon rocks well above a narrow beach. The beach was outlined with bent pines.

2. Who was Hana and where did Sadao meet her? How were they married?
Ans: Hana was a beautiful Japanese girl. She met Dr. Sadao in America at a professor’s house. But Dr. Sadao had waited to fall in love with her until he was sure she was Japanese. The purity of her race was very important as he wanted to marry her. Otherwise, his father would not have accepted her into the family.

3. What was the initial reaction of Dr. Sadao and Hana on seeing the wounded man?
Ans: The American soldier was severely wounded. On the right side of his lower back, Dr. Sadao saw that a gun wound had been re-opened. The flesh was blackened with powder. Obviously, the man had been shot and was left unattended. If he had not been wounded, they could have put him back in the sea. But now there was only one thing to be done. They must carry him into their house.

4. How did the servants react when Dr. Sadao brought the wounded American soldier into the house?
Ans: All the servants, including the gardener, didn’t like Sadao’s efforts to save an American. America was in war with Japan. Tom was their enemy. The two servants were frightened at what their master had told them. They thought that their master should not heal the wound of that white man. The white man must die. If their master healed what the gun and the sea did, they would take revenge on them. Yumi refused to wash the white man.

5. How did Hana help Sadao in operating on the wounded prisoner of war?
Ans: Hana dipped a small clean towel into the steaming hot water. She washed his face carefully. Sadao came there with his surgeon’s emergency bag. She was asked to give the anaesthetic if needed. The bullet was still there. Sadao proceeded swiftly. The doctor made a clean and precise incision. The bullet was out.

6. Why did the servants leave Dr. Sadao’s house?
Ans: Japan was at war with America. Dr. Sadao was nursing a wounded American a prisoner of war. The servants didn’t like Dr. Sadao’s generosity. He was trying to save a white American. He was giving a new lease of life. They considered Dr. Sadao’s work and the act of treachery. Hence, their patriotic feelings made them leave Dr. Sadao’s house.

7. What was the chief concern of Sadao’s father?
Ans: The influence of his father was quite domination on Sadao. His father never joked or played with him. Sadao’s education was his father’s chief concern. For this reason, when he was 22 years old, he was sent to America to study surgery and medicine. By the time his father died Sadao had established himself as a famous surgeon and scientist.

8. What Did Dr. Sadao do to help Tom to escape to freedom?
Ans: Dr. Sadao knew that the wounded American sailor could be arrested at any time. So he decided to help him in escaping. He decided to give his private boat with food and clothes in it. He could draw it to a little island not far from the coast. Nobody lives there. In this way, he could escape to freedom.

9. How did the General react when Sadao informed him about the prisoner of war?
Ans: The behaviour of the General was quite surprising. He did not order the immediate arrest of the enemy. Dr. Sadao had sheltered a prisoner of war. The General should have taken action against Dr. Sadao. The General did also not send two private assassins to kill the American enemy. Hence, he did nothing and the enemy escaped.

10. Justify the title of the story ‘The Enemy’.
Ans: The title ‘The Enemy’ is quite appropriate and logical. The wounded American prisoner of war is a natural enemy of Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana. They should have handed him over to the police. But human consideration outweighed all other consideration. His duty as a doctor made Dr. Sadao to save the life of even a dying enemy. Surely Pearl S. Buck has given a suitable title to the story.

11. Will Dr. Sadao be arrested on the charge of harbouring an enemy?
Ans: Japan is at war with America. Giving shelter to a sailor of the U.S. Navy is an anti-national work. Dr. Sadao can be arrested. He can be punished on the charge of harbouring an enemy. But it will not happen. His servants will not disclose the matter to the police. The old General knows everything but he sleeps over the matter with human consideration.

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