The Function of literature BA English Semester 1 Download Pdf Notes.

Function of literature notes for BA English Semester 1: Literature expresses the many thoughts, experiences, and desires of human beings’ everyday lives that are expressed in a variety of types or styles in literary work. Because literature is directly derived from the daily life of humans as well, it may enrich our understanding and experience of human issues, such as morals, values, and other interests. After reading a literary, the readers may get a certain impression of what they have read.

The function of literature BA English Semester 1 Download Pdf Notes.

function of literature

Literature has a great function that it can develop human feelings, ideas, and interests. Generally, the functions of literature are as follows: the first function is literature gives knowledge of those particularities with which science and philosophy are not concerned. The second function is that literature makes humans perceive what humans see and imagine what humans already know, conceptually or practically. The final function of literature is that literature relieves humans—either writers or readers—from the pressure of emotions.

Literature also functions to contribute values of human lives. Literature in education programs may significantly contribute to students’ development and knowledge. The contribution of literature in education covers intrinsic values and extrinsic values. The intrinsic values are the reward of a lifetime of wide reading recognizable in the truly literate person, while the extrinsic values facilitate the development of language skills and knowledge.

Many literary texts, such as poems, song lyrics, and short stories, are used in language teaching. There are some factors of using literature in language teaching regarding linguistic, cultural, and personal growth. Linguistically, literary texts offer a range of authentic texts in various records, styles, and text types at any level of difficulty. Literary texts provide a very real sense of the vehicle for culture. The settings, characterizations, situations, and assumptions that literary texts embody offer the students various opportunities to raise awareness of difference and develop tolerance and understanding. Finally, literature provides affect and emotion. Students interacting with a literary text usually involves a deeper level of mental processing and greater personal involvement and response. In this case, students also learned a lot about reading critically, emphatically, and creatively.

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Therefore, because of its functions and contributions to literature in language teaching, literature is used as an innovative teaching technique. Even some institutions of education design a literature program and put the literature a compulsory subject.

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