Literature and Society | BA English Semester 1 Notes

Literature and Society: Literature can benefit society, provided it is studied or applied positively. Still, it can be very detrimental to society if what is contained within it is used with malice. I will be focusing on how literature is helpful to the community. Literature means something that is written to refresh and inspire the … Read more

The Function of literature BA English Semester 1 Download Pdf Notes.

Function of literature notes for BA English Semester 1: Literature expresses the many thoughts, experiences, and desires of human beings’ everyday lives that are expressed in a variety of types or styles in literary work. Because literature is directly derived from the daily life of humans as well, it may enrich our understanding and experience … Read more

The Nature of Literature | BA English Semester 1 Notes

The Nature of Literature: Literature is an expression of human feelings, thoughts, and ideas whose medium is language, oral, or written. Literature is about human ideas, thoughts, and feelings and the authors’ experiences. Literature is the medium for humans to communicate what they feel, think, and experience to the readers.  There are several ways to define … Read more