Tom Jones MCQ Questions BA English

Tom Jones MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are an essential component of various educational systems and assessments. They play a significant role in evaluating students’ knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking skills.

Q1. Who is the author of the novel “Tom Jones”?
a) Charles Dickens
b) Jane Austen
c) Henry Fielding
d) Jonathan Swift

Henry Fielding

Q2. When was the novel “Tom Jones” first published?
a) 1700
b) 1749
c) 1780
d) 1800


Q3. What genre does “Tom Jones” belong to?
a) Romance
b) Mystery
c) Satire
d) Science Fiction


Q4. What is the full title of the novel “Tom Jones”?
a) The Adventures of Tom Jones
b) The Life and Opinions of Tom Jones, a Foundling
c) The Journey of Tom Jones
d) The Secret Life of Tom Jones

The Life and Opinions of Tom Jones, a Foundling

Q5. In “Tom Jones,” what is the name of the female character who becomes the love interest of Tom Jones?
a) Sophia Western
b) Lady Bellaston
c) Mrs. Waters
d) Molly Seagrim

Sophia Western

Q6. Which of the following is a major theme explored in “Tom Jones”?
a) Class and social status
b) Supernatural elements
c) Political intrigue
d) Existentialism

Class and social status

Q7. Which narrative technique is employed in “Tom Jones”?
a) First-person narrative
b) Third-person omniscient
c) Stream of consciousness
d) Epistolary form

Third-person omniscient

Q8. Which literary movement is “Tom Jones” associated with?
a) Romanticism
b) Transcendentalism
c) Enlightenment
d) Gothic literature


Q9. Which of the following characters serves as a mentor and father figure to Tom Jones in the novel?
a) Squire Allworthy
b) Mr. Blifil
c) Lady Bellaston
d) Black George

Squire Allworthy

Q10. What is the setting of “Tom Jones”?
a) London, England
b) Paris, France
c) Bath, England
d) Edinburgh, Scotland

London, England

Q11. What is the occupation of Tom Jones in the novel?
a) Lawyer
b) Soldier
c) Farmer
d) Artist


Q12. Which character is revealed to be Tom Jones’s true father?
a) Squire Western
b) Mr. Allworthy
c) Mr. Blifil
d) Partridge

Mr. Allworthy

Q13. What is the name of the inn where Tom Jones and Partridge have an adventure?
a) The Bell Inn
b) The Three Horseshoes
c) The Plough and Stars
d) The Black Swan

The Bell Inn

Q14. What is the central theme of “Tom Jones”?
a) Love and passion
b) Justice and morality
c) Friendship and loyalty
d) Betrayal and revenge

Love and passion

Q15. What is the social class of Tom Jones?
a) Aristocrat
b) Middle-class
c) Servant
d) Working-class


Q16. What is the name of the antagonist in “Tom Jones” who is jealous of Tom’s relationship with Sophia?
a) Mr. Allworthy
b) Squire Western
c) Mr. Blifil
d) Partridge

Mr. Blifil

Q17. Which character is known for his comical and exaggerated behavior in “Tom Jones”?
a) Sophia Western
b) Lady Bellaston
c) Mr. Square
d) Black George

Black George

Q18. What is the nickname given to Tom Jones by the characters in the novel?
a) Lucky Tom
b) Tom the Bold
c) Tom the Foundling
d) Handsome Tom

Lucky Tom

Q19. Who is the narrator of “Tom Jones”?
a) Tom Jones himself
b) Squire Allworthy
c) Henry Fielding
d) Unknown narrator

Henry Fielding

Q20. What is the social status of Sophia Western in the novel?
a) Aristocrat
b) Upper middle class
c) Lower middle class
d) Servant class

Upper middle class