Your School Library short essay in English

Your School Library short essay

Your School Library

My school has a big library. It is rich in various books on various subjects. Teachers students and the other staff can take books from the library. There is also a big space to read books. Students have to maintain silence while studying in the library. A student can borrow one book at one time for a weak. If a student fails to return the book on the due date, he is fined for the delay.

My school library is located in a big hall. It contains thousands of books on various subjects. They are in English, Hindi, Urdu and Bangla etc. The librarian has a catalogue that contains a list of all the books in the library. A student has to register his detail before taking a book from the library.

The library is very useful for the students and the teachers of my school. It is a storehouse of knowledge. It gives the students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge. It enables them to read a large number of books. it gives them an opportunity to form the habit of reading.

My school library is a boon to the poor students of the school. Those students, who can not buy the textbooks, they take from the library. Students can take books for a week but some students can take books from the library for a year.

My school library is good but it needs improvement. Many books in the library are damaged. They should be replaced with a new one immediately. Some of the important publications books are not available in the library. The school administration should give attention to it. 

Though my school library has some shortcomings, it enriches the knowledge of students. We Look upon it as our best friend and guide.

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