Chandni Class 7 English Chapter 7 Notes, Summary, Questions Answers

Chandni is a short story by Ruskin Bond about an old man named Abbu Khan who lives in the town of Almora. Abbu Khan loves goats and has many of them, but they all have a habit of running away to the hills. One day, Abbu Khan buys a young goat and names her Chandni. Chandni is different from the other goats. She is gentle and loves to listen to Abbu Khan’s stories.

As Chandni grows older, she begins to long for the freedom of the hills. One night, she escapes from Abbu Khan’s compound and runs away to the hills. Chandni enjoys her freedom and spends her days playing in the hills. One night, she is attacked by a wolf. Chandni fights bravely, but she is ultimately killed by the wolf.

The next morning, a group of birds find Chandni’s body. A wise old bird declares that Chandni is the winner, even though she is dead. The wise old bird says that Chandni won because she fought for her freedom.

The story of Chandni is a story about the importance of freedom. Chandni is a symbol of freedom and her death is a reminder that freedom is not always easy to come by. However, the story also shows that freedom is worth fighting for.

Here are some of the key themes of the story:

  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Sacrifice
  • Love

The story of Chandni is a powerful and moving story that teaches us important lessons about life. It is a story that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

Chandni Class 7 Questions Answers

Q1: Why did Abbu Khan buy Chandni?
Ans: Abbu Khan bought Chandni because he wanted a pet goat. He had heard that goats were good for milk and meat.

Q2: Why did Chandni hate the rope around her neck?
Chandni hated the rope around her neck because it represented her imprisonment. She wanted to be free to run and play in the hills.

Q3: What happened when Chandni escaped from Abbu Khan?
Ans: Chandni escaped from Abbu Khan and ran into the hills. She was chased by a wolf, but she fought bravely and eventually killed the wolf.

Q4: What does the story “Chandni” teach us about freedom?
The story “Chandni” teaches us that freedom is a precious thing. It is something that all creatures crave. Chandni was willing to fight and die for her freedom, and in the end, she was victorious.

Q5: Why did Abbu Khan buy a goat?
Ans: Abbu Khan bought a goat because he was lonely. He lived in a small hut on the edge of the hills, and he didn’t have any friends. He thought that a goat would keep him company.

Q6: What did Abbu Khan name the goat?
Ans: Abbu Khan named the goat Chandni. He thought that she was a beautiful goat, and he wanted to give her a beautiful name.

Q7: How did Chandni get her freedom?
Ans: Chandni got her freedom when she escaped from Abbu Khan’s hut. She was tied up with a rope, but she managed to break the rope and run away. She ran into the hills, where she was free to roam.

Q8: What happened to Chandni after she escaped?
Ans: Chandni lived in the hills for many years. She was happy and free, and she never regretted her decision to escape. One day, she was attacked by a wolf, but she fought bravely and killed the wolf. She died from her wounds, but she died a free goat.

Q9: What is the theme of the story “Chandni”?
Ans: The theme of the story “Chandni” is freedom. Chandni was a goat who loved her freedom. She was willing to risk everything to be free, and she eventually died for her freedom. The story teaches us that freedom is important, and that we should be willing to fight for our freedom.