English class 10 MCQ Questions Chapterwise Solutions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English: JAC Class 10 is a scary time for most students. Fear of board exams grows and students struggle to make sure they are prepared to face the questionnaire. English is one of those subjects where she can improve relatively easily by studying hard and taking enough time to read the lessons. To help students get closer to their dream results, we have prepared NCERT solutions for Class 10 English.

Class 10 English First Flight MCQs

ChaptersRead onlinePdf Notes
Chapter 1: A Letter To GodClick HereDownload
Chapter 2: Nelson Mandela Long Walk To FreedomClick HereDownload
Chapter 3: Two Stories About FlyingClick HereDownload
Chapter 4: Diary Of Anne FrankClick HereDownload
Chapter 5: The Hundred Dresses IClick HereDownload
Chapter 6: The Hundred Dresses IIClick HereDownload
Chapter 7: Glimpse Of IndiaClick HereDownload
Chapter 8: Mijbil The OtterClick HereDownload
Chapter 9: Madam Rides The BusClick HereDownload
Chapter-10: The Sermon At BenaresClick HereDownload
Chapter-11: The ProposalClick HereDownload

Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet MCQs

ChaptersRead onlinePdf Notes
Chapter 1: Triumph SurgeryClick HereDownload
Chapter 2: Thiefs StoryClick HereDownload
Chapter 3: Midnight VisitorClick HereDownload
Chapter 4: A Question Of TrustClick HereDownload
Chapter 5: Footprints without FeetClick HereDownload
Chapter 6: Making A ScientistClick HereDownload
Chapter 7: The NecklaceClick HereDownload
Chapter 8: Hack DriverClick HereDownload
Chapter 9: BholiClick HereDownload
Chapter 10: Book That Saved The EarthClick HereDownload

How can I improve my marks in English for the Class 10 Board?

Improvement is always a mixture of everything. Clarify grammar, understand correct sentences, learn correct format for reports and letters, understand textbooks, etc. We recommend allocating equal time to all sections that are part of the Class 10 board exam.

Class 10 Subjects

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