Golu Grows a Nose Class 7 English Chapter 5 Notes, Summary, Questions Answers

Long ago, elephants did not have trunks. There was a baby elephant named Golu who had a small, bulgy nose. He was very curious and loved to ask questions. One day, he asked a mynah bird what crocodiles ate for dinner. The mynah told him that crocodiles ate elephants and that Golu should be careful not to go near the Limpopo River where the crocodiles lived.

Despite the mynah’s warning, Golu went to the Limpopo River. He saw a crocodile sunning itself on the bank of the river, and he decided to get a closer look. The crocodile saw Golu and called out to him. Golu walked closer, and the crocodile reached out and grabbed him by the nose.

Golu screamed and tried to pull away, but the crocodile was too strong. The crocodile started to drag Golu into the river, but then a python snake slithered out of the bushes and coiled itself around Golu’s stomach. The python pulled in the opposite direction, and Golu was caught in the middle.

The crocodile and the python pulled and pulled, and Golu’s nose stretched and stretched. Finally, the crocodile let go and swam away. Golu was free, but his nose was now five feet long!

Golu was very upset about his long nose. He thought it was ugly and that the other elephants would make fun of him. But the python told him that his long nose was actually a good thing. He said that the long nose would help Golu to pick up food, drink water, and to defend himself from predators.

Golu eventually came to see the benefits of his long nose. He was able to do many things that he couldn’t do before, and he was no longer afraid of crocodiles. He lived a long and happy life, and he used his long nose to help many other animals.

The story of Golu Grows a Nose teaches us that even our weaknesses can be turned into strengths. Golu was born with a small nose, but he turned it into a long trunk that helped him to live a happy and fulfilling life. We should all learn to embrace our differences and use them to our advantage.

Golu Grows a Nose Questions Answers

Q1. What do you know about Golu?
Ans: Golu was a baby elephant who had a bulgy nose. He was full of questions and was always getting into trouble. One day, he decided to go to the Limpopo River to find out what crocodiles ate for dinner.

Q2. Which bird directed Golu to go to the Limpopo River and why?
Ans: A mynah bird directed Golu to go to the Limpopo River. The mynah bird said that crocodiles ate all sorts of things, including elephants. Golu was determined to find out if this was true.

Q3. What items of food did Golu take before leaving his home for the Limpopo River?
Ans: Golu took a large banana leaf, a bundle of grass, and a lump of mud. He thought that these items would be helpful if he got into trouble.

Q4. What happened when Golu met the crocodile?
Ans: The crocodile grabbed Golu with his jaws and pulled him into the water. Golu was scared, but he remembered the items he had brought with him. He wrapped the banana leaf around his nose to protect it from the crocodile’s teeth. He used the grass to make a raft and the mud to plug the holes in the raft.

Q5. How did Python help Golu?
Ans: A python saw what was happening and slithered into the water. The python wrapped itself around the crocodile and squeezed until the crocodile let go of Golu. Golu was safe, thanks to the python.

Q6. What happened to Golu’s nose?
Ans: Golu’s nose grew longer and longer until it was five feet long. The python said that the long nose was a sign of good luck. Golu was happy with his new nose and he used it to help him find food and water.

Q7. What did Golu learn from his adventure?
Ans: Golu learned that it is important to be careful when asking questions. He also learned that it is important to be prepared for anything. Finally, he learned that there are kind people in the world who are willing to help others.