Wonder of science | Wonder of science essay Class 10 & 12.

Wonder of science: It is a short essay for the class 8th, class 9th, and class 10th. We used very simple grammar for high school students. It is very important for the Students of Classes 10 and 12.

Wonder of science essay for Class 10

Wonder of science essay
The wonder of science essay

Modern science is a world of wonders and miracles. It is far more powerful than Aladin’s lamp. Science has put into the hands of man powers which earlier only God and angels had. For example, we can swim like fish and fly like birds and run like rabbits and it became possible just because of science and technology. Our voices travel along the wires with the speed of electricity. We can talk to each other from a long distance by wireless devices. Man has physically reached the moon. We can watch live programs, games and cricket matches. Television is one of the most entertaining wonders of science. Electronics are the latest miracle of our age. Computers work more efficiently than any human brain. Science has solved countless mysteries of the world. The list of wonderful inventions of science is endless.

Wonder of science essay for Class 12

Introduction: Science plays an important role throughout life. There are many miracles of science and great invention of science. It is the age of science. science is more comfortable and easier than life. It has nothing but a systematic way of life and knowledge. He gave alertness and curiosity and the observation of changes throughout life to science.

Inventions: Science invented many things and invented the small machine the big machine and other things and observing very easy and simple events. The idea of ​​a railway engine is dependent on boiling water. Gravity was discovered by Newton from the site of an apple tree.

Atomic Energy: Discovery of atomic energy Science all over the world man has used inexhaustible sources of energy. The greatest invention of science is electricity. Electricity powers trains and factories and cools our home with warm water gives us cinemas for entertainment TV Radio and light gives science.

Means Of Communication: Trans, Buses, Cars, and Ships are the great and greatest inventions of science and the greatest contribution. A person can read a place over a long distance in an hour just because of science. A person can go to another planet just for science.

Medical and Surgery: Science has not only cured a man of deadly diseases, but science has also extended his life and made him healthier. Science is the field of surgery a miracle of science. brain surgery and thermal surgery did just for science. Heart transplants are commonplace today only thanks to science.

Computer: The amazing invention of science is called the computer. Man has helped computers in various fields. A computer can solve complex problems in a fraction of a second calculation. A computer controls a large machine rocket and satellites.

Conclusion: Our great helper is science, and science gives many gifts. If we use the gift correctly, it can make our lives easier, healthier, and happier. Science is called the master of the whole world.

Frequently asked questions.

Q. Is Wonder of Science important questions?
Ans. Yes, the wonder of science is a very important question for the 10th and the 12th board examination.

Q. What is the word limit of the essay on the wonder of science in class 10?
Ans. You should write an essay between 80 to 120 words.

Q. What is the word limit of the essay on the wonder of science in class 12?
Ans: You should write an essay between 180 to 125 words.

Q. Can use the point of technology in the essay on the wonder of science?
Ans. Yes, It would be more effective if you do this.

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