Guy de Maupassant MCQ BA English Semester 1 BBMKU And VBU

Guy de Maupassant MCQ: In this article, there are given some most important multiple choice questions and answers related to G.D. Maupassant. This is quite important for BA English Honours students and also for other competitive exams.

Q.1. Guy De Maupassant was born on:

a. 5 August 1750
b. 5 August 1850
c. 5 August 1870
d. 5 August 1900

Q.2. Guy De Maupassant was the son of:

a. Hervé de Maupassant
b. Creig de Maupassant
c. Gustave de Maupassant
d. Paul de Maupassant

Q.3. Maupassant is considered a father of :

a. modern short story
b. modern novel
c. modern drama
d. modern poetry

Q.4. Which short story was not written by G. D. Maupassant?

a. Boule de Suif
b. Late City
c. The Piece of String
d. Mother Sauvage

Q.5. G. D. Maupassant’s works are known:

a. For realism
b. For feminism
c. For mysticism
d. None of these

Q.6. G. D. Maupassant’s masterpiece work “Boule de Suif” was published in:

a. 1850
b. 1880
c. 1890
d. 9001

Q.7. In which ministry did Guy de Maupassant serve for about eight years?

a. Defence
b. Marine
c. School
d. Industry

Q.8. Which story made Guy de Maupassant famous?

a. Toine
b. Mouche
c. Le Horla
d. Boule de suif

Q.9. When did Guy de Maupassant write “Miss Harriet”?

a. 1872
b. 1884
c. 1867
d. 1871

Q.10. When did Guy de Maupassant visit England?

a. 1882
b. 1889
c. 1897
d. 1894

Q.11. When did Guy de Maupassant die?

a. 26 January 1899
b. 14 June 1902
c. 6 July 1893
d. 12 November 1905

Q.12. Where did Guy de Maupassant die?

a. Dakar
b. Turin
c. Luxor
d. Paris

Q.13. Who was the greatest influence on French author Guy de Maupassant?

a. Gustave Flaubert
b. Ezra Pound
c. Henrik Ibsen
d. William Shakespeare

Q.14. What is Guy de Maupassant best known for?

a. English short stories
b. French short stories
c. German short stories
d. None of these

Q.15. G. D. Maupassant’s stories deal with:

a. war
b. prostitution
c. marital infidelity
d. all of these

Q.16. When did Guy de Maupassant write The Necklace?

a. 1800
b. 1884
c. 1890
d. 1900

Q.17. Where did G. D. Maupassant begin his low study:

a. In London
b. In Paris
c. In France
d. In Germany

Q.18. G. D Maupassant’s low study was interrupted by:

a. First world war
b. Second world war
c. Cold war
d. Franco-German War

Q.19. The Story was not written by G. D. Maupassant?

a. The Piece of String
b. Afloat
c. Pierrot
d. The Blue Umbrella

Q.20. G. D. Maupassant born in:

a. Strasbourg
b. Seine-Maritime
c. Lyon
d. Saint-Malo

Ans: 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b, 5-a, 6-b, 7-b, 8-d, 9-b, 10-b, 11-c, 12-d, 13-a, 14-b, 15-d, 16-b, 17-b, 18-d, 19-d, 20-b

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