The Necklace MCQ BA English First Semester BBMKU and VBU Universities.

The Necklace MCQ: This is a short story written by Guy de Maupassant. Here some important MCQ questions are given for the BA English Students of the First Semester. All the Questions are based on the new syllabus issued by the BBMKU and VBU universities. You can read these MCQ questions for the Exam and the competitive exam preparation.

The Necklace MCQ Questions

Q.1. The French title of the story ‘the necklace’ was:

a. The Deaf Mute
b. Madame Parisse
c. La Parure
d. The Magic Couch

Q.2. Madame Mathilde Loisel was born in the family of:

a. a clerks
b. a businessman
c. a farmer
d. a doctor

Q.3. Where did Mathilde Loisel borrow the necklace:

a. From her brother
b. From her sister
c. from her friend
d. None of these

Q.4. Who is the author of the Story ‘The Necklace’?

a. Guy de Maupassant
b. George Sand
c. Émile François Zola
d. Boris Vian

Q.5. ‘The Necklace’ was published in:

a. 1870
b. 1879
c. 1880
d. 1884

Q.6. Mathilde Loisel married to:

a. an engineer
b. a clerk
c. a postman
d. a policeman

Q.7. How did M. Loisel look on the day of the ball?

a. elegant
b. gracious
c. full of joy
d. all of these

Q.8. What does M. Loisel think she deserves?

a. suffering life
b. mysterious life
c. luxurious life
d. none of these

Q.9. What was the actual cost of Mme Forestier’s necklace?

a. five hundred francs
b. ten thousand francs
c. one hundred francs
d. five thousand francs

Q.10. What spoiled Mr and Mrs Loisel’s pleasure?

a. the loss of the necklace
b. the loss of the dress
c. the loss of money
d. the loss of job

Q.11. For what had Loisel saved four hundred francs?

a. to buy a house
b. to buy a property
c. to buy a gun
d. to buy a car

Q.12. The genre of the story ‘The necklace’ is:

a. Novel
b. Drama
c. Novella
d. Short Story

Q.13. The story ‘The necklace’ is originally written in:

a. English
b. German
c. French
d. Arabic

Q.14. Who is the best friend of Mathilde Loisel?

a. Jeanne Forestier
b. Jane Forestier
c. M Maltie
d. None of these

Q.15. Loisel and Mathilde Loisel were invited to the ball was sponsored by:

a. Ministry of family welfare
b. Ministry of Defence
c. Ministry of Education
d. None of these

Q.16. Why did Madilde refuse to attain the ball?

a. She had no beautiful dress
b. She was ill
c. She did not like party
d. She was busy

Q.17. The cost of the new necklace was:

a. 30,000 francs
b. 40,000 francs
c. 50,000 francs
d. 54,000 francs

Q.18. M. and Madame Loisel move into a shabby apartment and live in poverty

a. for five years
b. for eight years
c. for nine years
d. for ten years

Q.19. When did Mr and Mrs Loisel return home from the ball?

a. at 3 a.m.
b. at 4 a.m.
c. at 6 a.m.
d. at 7 a.m.

Q.20. How much time did they take to repay the loan?

a. 2 years
b. 5 years
c. 8 years
d. 10 years

Ans: 1-c, 2-a, 3-c, 4-a, 5-d, 6-b, 7-d, 8-c, 9-a, 10-a, 11-c, 12-d, 13-c, 14-a, 15-c, 16-a, 17-b, 18-d, 19-b, 20-d.

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