American Poetry in The 19th Century

American Poetry in 19th Century notes for BA Engish Honours students. American Poetry in nineteenth-century notes for BA English Students for BBMKU and VBU Universities. Age of Experimentation The History of nineteenth-century American poetry was a record of constant experimentations in the art of versification. American poetry was in a state of turmoil and flux. The American … Read more

John Dryden Life and Works

John Dryden: BA English notes for the students of Semester II BBMKU and VBU University. Here the only important points mentioned are those used for solving the questions. John Dryden Life and Works John Dryden was born on August 9, 1631, at the Vicarage of Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire. His father was Erasmus Dryden and his mother … Read more

John Donne Life and Works BA English

John Donne was born in Bread Street, London, in 1572 to a prosperous Roman Catholic family, a dangerous thing when anti-Catholic sentiment was rife in England. His father, John Donne, was an ironmonger and citizen of London. and citizen of London. Donne’s father died suddenly in 1576 and left the three children to be raised … Read more

The Dance of The Eunuchs by Kamala Das Summary BA English

The Dance of The Eunuchs: It is one of the masterpieces of Kamala Das’s poetry. This summary of this poem is for the BA English Honours student of the 2nd semester of BBMKU University. VBU university also follows the same semester. Let’s read the poem and understand the message of Kamala Das. The Dance of … Read more

Kamala Das Life and Works BA English

Kamala Das was also known as Kamala Surayya or Madhavikutty born on 31 March 1934 in Southern Malabar, Kerla in British India. Her father’s name was VM Nair and her Mother’s name was Balamani Amma. Her father was a senior officer in the Walford Transport Company. Her mother, Balamani Amma was a famous Malayali poet. … Read more

R.K. Narayan Life and Works BA English

R.K. Narayan Life and Works Semester II notes for BA English BBMKU University. Short notes for the final examination. R.K. Narayan is one of the most prominent figures in Indian English Literature. Short note on the life and works of R.K. Narayan R.K. Narayan is now regarded as one of the greatest Indians writing in … Read more

Iliad Summary BA English Notes BBMKU

bbmku english honours semester 1 notes

Iliad is an epic poem written by the Greek author Homer. Iliad is divided into 24 books, but only one book1 is essential for the BA English first semester students, so here is the summary of Iliad book 1… Iliad Summary Iliad: It was the 9th year of the Trojan war; Achaeans attacked a nearby … Read more

The White Tiger- Aravind Adiga- Summary

the white tiger by aravind adiga summary for ba english semester 6

The White Tiger: The summary has been specially prepared for the BA English Honours students of Semester 6. We follow the syllabus of BBMKU and VBU universities. It is very helpful for the question of the final annual examinations. This content can be used for educational purposes if you want to read the full story … Read more

Explain Elegy: BA English Notes Semester 1

Elegy: in this article, you will learn what is an elegy. It is the most important topic for BBMKU English honours first semester students. You may check our other articles on this website. Q. Explain Elegy.Ans: An elegy is one of the oldest forms of poetry. It is a mourning song or song of lament. … Read more

The Importance of Stage for Drama

The Importance of Stage for Drama: In this article you will learn the importance of stage in drama. It is the most important topic for B.A English honours first semester students of BBMK University and VBU. Q. Discuss the importance of Stage for Drama.Ans: Before knowing the importance of stage for drama we must know … Read more