Drama and its main elements

Drama and its main elements: in this article you will understand what is drama and its main elements. This topic is important for the English honours first semester students of BBMKU, VBU and some other universities This topic is very important on the exam point of view.

Q. Define Drama. Discuss its main elements.

The term drama comes from the greek word “drao” which means “to do” or “act”. Drama is one of the oldest form of literature. Drama is also known as play. Drama is called the mirror of the comtemporary society. It draw the real picture of comtemporary society. It is performed by actors. It brings a stoey in front of our eyes. There are many kind of drama such as comedy, comedy of humours, problem play, mystery play, morality play etc.


There are several elements of drama which are as follows:

  • Characterization: it reffers to the way of a playwright to introduce their characters of the drama. A playwright can introduce their characters through two ways- by direct description or by the help of the other characters in the drama.
  • Character: A character reffers to any person, animal or fairy which plays a role in the drama. A drama has mainly two important character, protagonist and antagonist. Protagonist is called the hero of the drama and the antagonist reffers to the villain of the drama.
  • Plot: a plot is the series of events which occurs in a play.
  • Point of view: point of view reffers to who is telling or narrating the story.
  • Setting: it reffers to the place and the time in which drama occurs.
  • Style: style in drama reffers to the way writting of a playwright. It reffers to the playwright’s choosing words and arranging them in a sentence.
  • Theme: a theme reffers to the centeral idea of the drama. A theme can be based on anything like friendship, love, conflict between good and evil etc.
  • Dialouge: whatever a character speaks in drama is called dialogue. Even whatever we speak in our real life also called dialogue.
  • Action: whatever act that the characters of the novel does in drama is called action.

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