The Importance of Stage for Drama

The Importance of Stage for Drama: In this article you will learn the importance of stage in drama. It is the most important topic for B.A English honours first semester students of BBMK University and VBU.

Q. Discuss the importance of Stage for Drama.
Ans: Before knowing the importance of stage for drama we must know what is drama.


Drama is one of the oldest form of literature. It is a part of literature that can be play on a stage. It is also known as “play” or “stage show”. It is the mirror of society. It draw the real picture of comtemporary society. The term drama comes from the Greek word “drao” which means “to do” or “act”. A story is dramatized which means the events of the story and the characters are brought to real life thorough a stage show by actors who play the role of characters and acts through its events.


There is an important role of stage in the construction of drama. It is one of the essential elements of drama that reffers to the particular place where the drama is beging played. There are mainly three types of drama which are written below:

a) Proscenium stage: it reffers to the stage in which the audience sit only one side of the stage.
b) Traverse stage: it reffers to the stage in which the audience sit two sides of the stage.
c) In round stage: in this type of stage the audience sits all around the stage to see the play.