Difference Between Simile and Metaphor

Difference Between Simile and Metaphor: in this article you will understand what is difference between simile and metaphor. This topic is important for the English honours first semester students of BBMKU, VBU and some other universities This topic is very important on the exam point of view.

Q. Show a difference between Simile and Metaphor with the help of examples.
Ans: As you know that simile and metaphor both are figure of speech which is used to two things. But they contains some differences which are as follows:

  • A Metaphor is a figure of speech which is used to compare to unlike things while simile is a figure of speech which is used to compare two unlike things.
  • A metaphor compares two things by saying that something something is something else while simile compares two things by saying something is like or as something else.
  • Similes compares two things by using “like” and “as” while metaphors don’t use such words.
  • Metaphor examples- a) The classroom was zoo. b) She is a shining star. c) She is an early bird. d) Her eyes were diamonds.
  • Simile examples- As brave as lion. b) As black as coal. c) They fought like cats and dogs. d) Cool as cucumber.

So from the above explanation and examples you must have understand the major difference between metaphor and simile.

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