‘short-story’ and its main elements

‘short-story’ and its main elements: in this article you will understand what is short story. This topic is important for the English honours first semester students of BBMKU, VBU and some other universities This topic is very important on the exam point of view.

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Q. What is ‘short-story’? What are its main elements?

A short story is a type of fiction. As the name short story conveys they are short in length and contains 1 to 50 pages. A short story is meant to read only on one sitting. Generally a short story is written for the entertainment purposes but sometimes it brings a message to the reader. A short story is not so much complicated like other types of fiction. A short story is short in length. A short story also can be called a short narrative.


There are several elements of short story like character, plot, point of view, setting, style, theme characterization etc. All these are described below:

  • Characterization: it reffers to the way of a authours to introduce their characters of the story. The authours can introduce their characters through two ways- by direct description or by the help of the other characters in the story. .
  • Character: A character reffers to any person, animal or fairy which plays a role in the short story. A story has mainly two important character, protagonist and antagonist. Protagonist is called the hero of the narrative and the antagonist reffers to the villain of the narrative.
  • Plot: it reffers to the series of events that make up a story. A plot is considered one of the essential elements of a short story or prose fiction.
  • Point of view: It reffers to who is telling or narrating the story. A story can be tell from first person point of view, second person point of view and third person point of view.
  • Setting: setting in narrow sense reffers to the physical location and the time in which the events of the story occurs.
  • Style: it reffers to the choice of words which the authors chooses while writing a story. It also includes the arrangement of word in sentance.
  • Theme: it reffers to the centeral idea of the short story. Or it can be defined as the base of the story. There may be more than one theme in h narrative.

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