Importance of Plot in fiction

Importance of Plot in fiction: here you will know the fiction and importance of fiction in plot. This is one of the most important topic of B.A first semester English honoours students of BBMKU and VBU. If you want to read other articles related to this article you can check my other articles.

Q. Discuss the importance of Plot in fiction.
Ans: Before know the importance of plot in fiction we must know what is fiction. Here are well described what is fiction and the importance of plot in fiction


Fiction is one of the two branches of literature, the other bing non fiction. In literature Merriam Webster defines it as literature in the form of prose. A fiction is a literary work based on imaginary events or on imagination. If we talk about the origin of the word fiction, it comes from the Latin word “fictus” which means “to form”. Fiction narrates a story which aims something bigger than merely a story. Fiction have some thematic and symbolic features which is called literary merrits.


Plot have very much importance in fiction. It is one of the most essential elements of fiction. A plot reffers to the Series of events that make up a story. These events relate to each other in a sequence. There are five parts of plot such as exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and the last one is resolution. There is a major role of plot in fiction. Every fiction requires plot to be well composed. From the below example you will understand well actually what fiction is. Example- think about these two lines written below:

a) The king died and then the queen died of grief.
b) The king died and then the queen died.

The first one is plot while the other one is only a statement because after reading the first one we can relate the two incidents that happened. In the first line we know why the queen died (because of the grief of kings death). But in the second line we can’t relate to each other.

So the main point is that when we can relate one incident to another that is called plot.

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