Drama MCQ Questions BA English Honours

Drama MCQ Questions: All the MCQ questions of this article has been specially made for students of BA English honours First Semester of BBMKU and VBU Universities. Apart from this, All autonomous universities of Jharkhand also read these questions. The exam for the first semester is very soon, you must prepare these questions.

Drama MCQ Questions

Q.1.  A person who tells the story, often spoken in third person.

a. actor
b. speaker
c. narrator
d. dialogue

Q.2. The people are acting in a play is called ____________ .

a. directors
b. characters
c. speaker
d. protagonist

Q.3. Speech between characters in a play:

a. dialogue
b. lines 
c. script 
d. directions 

Q.4. The person who writes the play is called_______________.

a. author
b. director 
c. speaker 
d. playwright 

Q.5. The play or drama is organized in ____________________.

a. chapters
b. acts and scenes 
c. episodes 
d. pages and numbers 

Q.6. There are __________ types of main characters in a drama. 

a. two 
b. three
c. many
d. no limits

Q.7. The ______________is the main character in a drama. 

a. protagonist 
b. antagonist
c. extra
d. poor girl or hero 

Q.8. The character against the protagonist  in a drama is called _____________. 

a. villain 
b. badman
c. wicked
d. antagonist 

Q.9. Which of the following best describes “theatre”?

a. the words spoken by characters
b. the place where the play is performed
c. a story that is written to be acted out
d. objects used in a play to bring it to life

Q.10. The message or insight about life in drama is called __________.

a. theme
b. act
c. setting
d. stage

Q.11. a problem between two characters or forces is call __________.

a. character
b. conflict
c. dialogue
d. climax

Q.12. a form of drama in which the events leading to the downfall of the main character:

a. comedy
b. romance
c. tragedy
d. fantasy

Q.13. a form of literature meant to be performed on stage in front of audience:

a. poem
b. novel
c. serial
d. drama

Q.14. a series of events in a drama

a. plot
b. conflict
c. rising action
d. play

Q.15. the written text of a play

a. conflict
b. dialogue
c. direction
d. script

Q.16. things or items that the characters or actors may need to use as they perform their part

a. lines
b. scenes
c. roles
d. properties (promps)

Q.17. What is a synonym for DRAMA?

a. poem
b. novel
c. story
d. paly

Q.18.  Which of the following would be an example of a famous play?

a. Othello
b. Dr Fuctos
c. Gulliver’s Travels
d. Romeo and Juliet

Q.19. ‘Conflict’ is the feature of:

a. poem
b. story
c. drama
d. novel

Q.20. When was the global theatre built?

a. 1554
b. 1599
c. 1642
d. 1702

Match the Correct Answer

1-c, 2-b, 3-a, 4-d, 5-b, 6-a, 7-a, 8-b, 9-d, 10-a, 11- b, 12-c, 13-d, 14-a, 15-d, 16-d, 17-d, 18-d, 19-c, 20-b.