Iliad Book 1 MCQs BA English Semester 1

Iliad Book 1 MCQs: Iliad the classical work by Homer. This lesson has been taken from the BA English CBSE syllabus For BBMKU and VBU universities. All the MCQ Questions are very important for the first-semester exam. JPathshala website gives you all notes for BA English students. You must subscribe to our newsletters.

Iliad Book 1 MCQs

Q.1. What does Chryses want Agamemnon to do?

a. Return his daughter
b. Compensate his family for the war
c. Award him a position in the Achaean army
d. Build a sculpture of him

Q.2. How does Apollo react to Chryses’ prayers for help?

a. He refuses to help.
b. He ignored his prayers.
c. He sets a plague on the Greeks.
d. He killed Agamemnon.

Q.3. What does Agamemnon demand in exchange for returning Chryseis?

a. That Achilles take his place in the battle
b. That he get Achilles’ bride Briseis
c. That Apollo punishes the Trojans directly
d. That Chryses be publicly executed

Q.4. What favour does Achilles ask of his mother?

a. Rescue him from the Achaean army
b. Help him get his bride back from Agamemnon
c. Stay out of his plans regarding his future
d. Ask Zeus for revenge on the Achaean army

Q.5. Why is Zeus reluctant to punish the Achaeans?

a. Because he favours the Greeks
b. Because his wife favours the Greeks
c. Because he does not want to get involved
d. Because he admires Agamemnon

Q.6. Achilles is the son of?

a. Chryseis and Agamemonon
b. Thetis and Peleus
c. Aphrodite and Patroclus
d. Thetis and Zeus

Q.7. Who is Achilles’ most beloved companion?

a. Patroclus
b. Hector
c. Doimedes
d. Nestor

Q.8. Who is the greatest Trojan champion?

a. Aeneas
b. Hector
c. Paris
d. Priam

Q.9. Who was the king of Troy?

a. Sarpedon
b. Hector
c. Priam
d. Agamemnon

Q.10. Who is Hector’s wife?

a. Chryseis
b. Andromache
c. Hecuba
d. Briseis

Q.11. Who is the greatest warrior of the Trojan War?

a. Achilles
b. Hector
c. Patroclus
d. Ajax

Q.12. God Apollo brings a plague on the Achaeans because

a. Troy is Apollo’s birthplace
b. Menelaus plunders Apollo’s temple
c. Achilles insults Leto’s beauty
d. Agamemnon mistreats a priest of Apollo

Q.13. In the Iliad, who is the messenger of the gods?

a. Iris
b. Athena
c. Andromache
d. Zephyrus

Q.14. Who calls Agamemnon greedy for-profit and shameless?

a. Achilles
b. Aias
c. Odysseus
d. Nestor

Q.15. Who are the two beautiful women that are captured as war prizes?

a. Olysis and Banalis
b. Chryseis and Briseis
c. Charmis and Braeisis
d. Athena and Kristianna

Q.16. Who is the author of “lliad”?

a. Homer
b. Shakespeare
c. Henry Lbsen
d. None of these

Q.17. Trojan war is related with:

a. Iliad
b. Ramayan
c. Mahabharata
d. None of these

Q.18. An ancient Greek value system is reflected in:

a. Iliad
b. Ramayan
c. Mahabharat
d. None of these

Q.19. Which of these gods is the most consistent helper of the Trojans?

a. Apollo
b. Zeus
c. Leto
d. None of these

Q.20. Menelaus was the king of:

a. Sparta
b. Mycenae
c. Aegina
d. None of these

1-a , 2-c , 3-b , 4-d , 5-b , 6-b , 7-a , 8-b , 9-c , 10-b , 11-a , 12-d ,13-a , 14-a , 15-b , 16-a , 17-a , 18-a , 19-a , 20-a .

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