The Piece of String MCQ BA English Semester 1 BBMKU and VBU University

The Piece of String is a short story written by G. D. Maupassant was published in 1883. Attempt all the MCQ questions in this test series. All the questions are very important for the final examination of the BA English first semester. You must subscribe to the notification of our website to get all news and updates of BBMKU and VBU universities.

The Piece of String MCQ Questions

Q.1. What did Maître Hauchecorne pick up from the ground?

a. a wallet
b. a piece of string
c. a golden ring
d. a knife

Q.2. What disease did Maitre Hauchecorne suffer from?

a. asthma
b. rickets
c. rheumatism
d. bone cancer

Q.3. How much money did Maitre Fortune Houlbreque lose with his pocketbook?

a. four hundred francs
b. five hundred francs
c. eight hundred francs
d. ten hundred francs

Q.4. Where did Maître Hauchecorne live?

a. Goderville
b. Breaute
c. Beuzeville
d. None of these

Q.5. Maitre Malandain was:

a. a harness maker
b. an ironmaster
c. a farmer
d. a carpenter

Q.6. Who returned the pocketbook of Maitre Houlbreque?

a. Marius Paumella
b. Maitre Breton
c. M. Malandain
d. None of these

Q.7. Who was the enemy of Maître Hauchecorne?

a. Maitre Breton
b. M. Malandain
c. Marius Paumella
d. Maitre Houlbreque

Q.8. Maître Hauchecorne was died in:

a. January
b. April
c. September
d. December

Q.9. How is the main character of the story ‘The piece of string’ by G. D. Maupassant?

a. Maitre Hauchecorne
b. Maitre Malandain
c. Maitre Houlbreque
d. None of these

Q.10. Who is the author of The Piece of String?

a. George Sand
b. Gustave Flaubert
c. Guy de Maupassant
d. Madame Bovary

Q.11. When was the story ‘The piece of string’ published?

a. in 1879
b. in 1880
c. in 1883
d. in 1885

Q.12. What is the theme of The Piece of String?

a. revenge
b. truth and deception
c. birth and death
d. none of these

Q.13. Maître Hauchecorne was surprised when the police officer asked him to accompany him to the:

a. market
b. police station
c. court
d. mayors office

Q.14. A public announcement was made about:

a. Loss of a pocketbook
b. Lost Jewellery
c. loss of a bag
d. Money

Q.15. What was M. Hauchecorne’s reaction to being falsely accused?

a. He Skipped
b. Upset and Frightened
c. Happy
d. None of these

Q.16. What did Maitre Hauchecorne realize?

a. It was impossible to return home
b. It was impossible to find the pocketbook
c. It was impossible to answer the questions
d. It was impossible to prove his innocence

Q.17. What happened to Maitre Hauchecorne at the end of the story?

a. He topped talking
b. He died
c. He left the village
d. None of these

Q.18. What were the last words that Maitre Hauchecorne murmur before the death?

a. “tow piece of stings’
b. “a little bit of string”
c. “I did nothing”
d. “I’m innocent”

Q.19. At what place did the Maitre hauchcorne find the piece of string?

a. At Goderville market
b. At Brenzeville market
c. At Breaute
d. Non of These

Q.20. Maitre Hauchcorne was a :

a. Norman peasant
b General
c. Soldeir
d. Shop Keeper

Match the Correct Answers

1-b, 2-c, 3-b, 4-b, 5-a, 6-a, 7-b, 8-a, 9-a, 10-c, 11-c, 12-b, 13-d, 14-a, 15-b, 16-d, 17-b, 18-b, 17-a, 18-a.

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