Two Friends MCQ BA English First Semester

Two Friends MCQ: The author of this short story is Guy De Maupassant. It is originally written in French and later translated into many languages. This story has been taken from the syllabus of BA English honours first semester of BBMKU and VBU and other autonomous universities of Jharkhand. We solved all important questions for the final examination. Before the exam, you must prepare these questions.

Two Friends MCQ

Q.1. What war is currently in process during the story?

a. French-Prussian
b. World war 1
c. world war 2
d. Cold war

Q.2. What country are the two friends from?

a. France
b. Prussia
c. Germany
d. Poland

Q.3. Why do the two friends think they can go safely to their old fishing place?

a. The river is far from the scene of battle
b. The French Colonel will permit them to pass
c. They are both members of the French militia
d. None of these

Q.4. What happens to the two protagonists in the short story ”Two Friends”?

a. They are executed
b. They starve to death
c. They sent to the war
d. They continued fishing

Q.5. What were the names of the two men in the story “Two Friends” by G. D. Maupassant?

a. Morisette and Sausage
b. Morisott and Monsinure
c. Morisott and Sauvage
d. None of these

Q.6. What type of conflict occurs in Two Friends

a. man vs. man
b. man vs. nature
c. man vs. self
d. None of these

Q.7. What does the German soldier want from the Two Friends?

a. Fish
b. arms
c. passwords
d. money

Q.8. What was the pastime of the two friends before the war broke out?

a. Fishing
b. Swiming
c. Dancing
d. riding

Q.9. Who wrote Two Friends?

a. Guy de Maupassant
b. Émile Zola
c. Victor Hugo
d. none of these

Q.10. “Two friends” by guy de Maupassant was published in:

a. February 1880
b. February 1883
c. February 1884
d. February 1885

Q.11. Monsieur Sauvage was a_______________.

a. draper
b. watchmaker
c. fisher
d. none of these

Q.12. Monsieur Morrisot was a__________.

a. watchmaker
b. fisher
c. draper
d. none of these

Q.13. The story ‘Two Friends’ is set in?

a. France
b. Germany
c. Japan
d. none of these

Q.14. The short story ‘Two Friends’ is a story about?

a. patriotism
b. sacrifice
c. a and b both
d. none of these

Q.15. The Prussian soldiers considerd the two friends__________.

a. spies
b. soldiers
c. dramatists
d. none of these

Q16. The two friends decided to go to which place?

a. fishing spot
b. barrack
c. forest
d. none of these

Q.17. The genre of the story Two Friends is?

a. novel
b. epic
c. short story
d. none of these

Q.18. The Two Friends met while?

a. playing
b. fishing
c. listening to music
d. none of these

Q.19. Who said, “we would offer them some fishes”?

a. monsieur morissot
b. monsieur sauvage
c. the general
d. none of these

Q.20. Who is the author of ‘Two Friends’?

a. Henry Lbsen
b. H.G. Whells
c. Shakespeare
d. Guy de Maupassant

Match the Answers

1-a, 2-a, 3-b, 4-a, 5-c, 6-a, 7-c, 8-a, 9-a, 10-b, 11-a, 12-a, 13-a, 14-c, 15-a, 16-a, 17-c, 18-b, 19-b, 20-d.

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