Going Place by A. R. Barton Important Questions Answers Class 12 Flamingo Chapter 8

Going Place by A. R. Barton
Class 12 Book Flamingo
Chapter – 8

Important MCQs: Going Place by A. R. Barton

1 Who was Jansie in ‘Going places’?
a. Sophie’s mother
b. Sophie’s friend
c. Sophie’s sister
d. Sophie’s teacher

2 What was the name of the younger brother of Sophie?
a. Derek
b. Geoff
c. Max
d. Roni

3 How many years ago did Geoff leave school?
a. One year ago
b. Two years ago
c. Three years ago
d. Four years ago

4 Who does Sophie share her secret with first?
a. Jansie
b. Derek
c. Father
d. Geoff

5 Which country did Danny Casey play for?
a. U.S.A
b. England
c. Germany
d. Ireland

6 Why could Sophie not get Danny Cassie’s autograph?
a. She hadn’t a pen
b. She hadn’t a paper
c. a and b both
d. None of these

7 Who is Danny Casey in going places?
a. A cricket player
b. A football player
c. A baseball player
d. A hockey player

8 Who is the author of ‘Going Place’?
a. A. R. Barton
b. Louis Fischer
c. Selma Lagerlof
d. Anees Jung

9 Whom does Sophie dream about?
a. Liam Brady
b. Danny Casey
c. Johnny Giles
d. Damien Duff

10 What kind of girl was Sophie?
a. Daydreamer
b. Practical
c. Intelligent
d. None of these

Ans: 1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-d, 5-d, 6-c, 7-b, 8-a, 9-b, 10-a

Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the blanks: Going Place by A. R. Barton

Mery Quant, Jonshie,  mechanic, biscuit, Irish

1. Sophie and Jansie are destined to work in the                         factory.

2. Sophie want to be like                           .

3 Geoff was a _______ .

4 Denny Casey was an ________ footballer.

5 Sophie wants Geoff to not tell her secret to ________ .

Ans: 1- biscuit, 2- Mery Quant, 3-mechanic, 4-Irish, 5- Jonshie

Important Questions and Answers: Going Place by A. R. Barton

1. Who were Jensie and Sophie?
Ans: Sophie and Jensie were school friends. Sophie lived in a dreamy world. She wanted to become a manager or an actress. She also thought of becoming a fashion designer. Jensie, on the other hand, had her feet firmly planted on the ground. She knew their fate was limited to the reality of working in a biscuit factory.

2. Who was Sophie? What was her dream?
Ans: Sophie was a young schoolgirl who lived in a world of fantasy and hero worship. Her dream was to start a boutique after she finished school. She also had dreamed of becoming a manager, an actress or a fashion designer.

3. What did Sophie plan to do after she finished school?
Ans: Sophie lived in a dreamy world. She dreamed of starting a boutique. She wanted to have the most amazing shop that the city had ever seen. When Jensie reminded her that such kind of work required lots of money, Sophie expressed her desire to become a manager. If that was not possible, the other option for her was to be an actress. She also thought of becoming a fashion designer.

4. Who was Danny Casey? How did Sophie describe her meeting with Danny Casey?
Ans: Danny Casey was a well know young Irish football player. He was a star player with a massive fan following. Actually, Sophie saw Casey in person only once and that too in the field. They never met personally. She told Geoff that she met Casey at Royce’s window for the first time. He came and stood beside her. She spoke to him first and asked for an autograph. They had neither paper nor a pen. Casey promised for the autograph if she cared.

5. Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey?
Ans: No, Sophie didn’t really meet Danny Casey. The whole story she described to Geoff was an outcome of her fantasy. She was very much fascinated by the young Irish footballer. She imagined his coming to meet her. She sits there waiting for Casey. She knew that he would not come. She felt sad and disappointed. She was always lost in a dreamy world where she imagined meeting Danny Casey.

6. Which was the only occasion when she got to see Danny Casey in person?
Ans: The only occasion when she got to see Danny Casey in person was when her family went to watch United on Saturday. Sophie, her father and little Derek went there. She watched how United won two0nil. Her idol Casey drove in the second goal. She saw how he beat the goalkeeper and made a goal from a dozen yards. Sophie glowed with pride.

7. What did Sophie think Geoff?
Ans: Geoff was almost grown up now. He spoke little. Words had to be prized out of him like stones out to the ground. Sophie was jealous of his silence. She knew when he was not speaking. He was away somewhere. He was out in the world in those places she had never been. She wanted to share her brother’s affections.

8. How does Sophie include her brother Geoff in the fantasy of her future?
Ans: Sophie and Geoff have nothing in common, Geoff is an apprentice mechanic. He doesn’t share Sophie’s dreams. He speaks little. She is jealous of his silence. She wishes he could share her fantasy about a vast world out there waiting for her. She sees herself riding behind Geoff to the world of fantasy.

9. Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny?
Ans: Jansie told Sophie that Geoff had given away the news of her meeting with Danny Casey. Sophie was startled. Geoff was not supposed to tell this secret to anyone else. She cured Geoff for doing such a thing. It wasn’t a Jansie kind of thing at all as Jansie was ‘nosey’. It was mean to be something special between Geoff and her. Now the entire neighbourhood would come to know of the whole story.

Long answer type questions: Going Place by A. R. Barton

1. Write a character sketch of Sophie.
Ans: Sophie and Jansie are classmates and friends. They are about to pass out from school in a few months. They are good friends too. But in tastes, temperaments and outlook on life, they are drastically different.
Sophie lives in a world of fantasy and in spite of many reminders; she doesn’t want to come out of her dream world. She floats constantly in a fairyland. She is an incurable escapist. She enjoys building castles in the air. Her world is too far from the realities of life. She is planning to open a boutique of her own or become a manager or a fashion designer, which doesn’t seem practical and realistic.

Her fascination for the Irish genius Casey suited her romantic disposition. The football icon was young, tall and handsome. She was fascinated by him.
Sophie has her biases and prejudices. She is no good judge of a person. She wants others to share her fantasy and appreciate it. Sophie can’t open her heart to Jansie. She considers Jansie as ‘nosey’. She avoids sharing her secrets with her. She fears that Jansie can’t digest the news of her meeting with Casey.

2. Who was Geoff? How did he share Sophie’s secrets though he had a temperament and thinking different from his sister?
Ans: Sophie likes her brother Geoff more than any other person in the world. She can open her heart to him. She knows that Geoff is the person who can listen to her ‘wild Story’. Her father too is bossy and aggressive. He hates Sophie’s fantastic stores. Jansie is her classmate and friend. But Jansie is ‘nosey’. She can’t be trusted. But Geoff can be trusted to keep all Sophie’s secrets to himself.
Geoff was Sophie’s elder brother. He was an apprentice mechanic. He travelled each day to the far side of the city. He spoke very little. Sophie was jealous of Geoff’s silence. Geoff thought her too young and so never thought it important to take her opinion. Geoff never dreamed of big and beautiful things beyond his reach or means. He was mature enough to understand his limitations and his family.
Geoff was always the first to share Sophie’s secrets. He knew that Sophie’s story of meeting with Danny Casey was not true. Still, he listened to her. Sophie had confidence in him. Like an elder brother, Geoff tried to reason with Sophie. He warned her that Danny Casey was a celebrity. He must have many girls like her running after him. But he does so in a manner that may not break the young heart of a daydreamer.
Geoff and Sophie shared a common trait. That was their fascination for the Irish prodigy Danny Casey. But Sophie entertained the romantic fascination of Casey.

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