My School Paragraph: My school essay in English

My School Paragraph: I read in +2 High School Tundi. It is a State Government school with a very good staff. It has a big building with 25 classrooms, a big hall for holding meetings. Besides these, we have the Principal’s office room, a separate room for the teachers, a common room, a library, and an office room. There is a big playground in front of the main building. In the compound, there is a refreshment room, a gymnasium, and a cycle shed.

There are 1800 pupils on the rolls of the school. They are well-disciplined, obedient, and respectful to their teachers. The staff of the school consists of the Principal, 25 assistant teachers, a drawing master, and a physical instructor, besides clerks and menials. The Principal is well-qualified and efficient. Other teachers, too, are well-versed in their own subjects. They try hard to make their subjects easily understood by the boys. They mix freely with the students beyond school hours.

My School Paragraph: short easy on My School.

The students of my school participate in the games and sports of the school. The Sports Club of the school has won many awards in the local and state tournaments. The debating society of the school holds debate competitions every Saturday. Students take an active part in them. My school publish a magazine which contains articles and important facts by students and teachers. The school has recorded very brilliant results at the Board examinations.

Each year a large number of boys passed in the first and second divisions and the percentage of failures is very low. My school has got a rich library. There are a large number of good books on various subjects. My school differs from other schools in many ways. It is famous for producing brilliant students in education and discipline. The teachers of this school love the students as their own children. It is difficult to find such teachers in other schools. There is good management for games and sports in my school. A special feature of my school is that we get refreshments in the recess.

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