Class 12 English MCQ Questions

English Class 12 flamingo and Vistas’s all chapters MCQ questions read on Jharkhand Pathshala. These questions have been taken from NCERT and JCERT Books. It is Specially made to practice for the final Examinations. Select the lesson to read.


  1. The Last Lesson
  2. Lost Spring.
  3. Deep Water.
  4. The Rattrap.
  5. Indigo.
  6. Poets And Pancakes.
  7. The Interview.
  8. Going Places.


  1. My Mother At Sixty-six.
  2. An Elementary School Classroom In a Slum.
  3. Keeping Quiet.
  4. A Thing Of Beauty.
  5. A Roadside Stand.
  6. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers.


  1. The Third Level.
  2. The Tiger King.
  3. Journey to the end of the Earth.
  4. The Enemy.
  5. Should Wizard hit Mommy.
  6. On the face of It.
  7. Evans Tries an O-level.
  8. Memories of Childhood.

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