Godaan: Character sketch of Rai Sahab

Character sketch of Rai Sahab: He is one of the characters of the novel Godaan written by Premchand. Prepare this question for the final examination of the BA English honours students for the First Semester at BBMKU and VBU University. Follow Jpathshala.com for all news and updates of the BA English Honours. For the Video lesson visit our YouTube channel Jharkhand Pathshala.

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Character sketch of Rai Sahab

Rai Sahab is a Zamindar in Premchand’s novel Godan lives at Semari. His full name is Rai Sahab Amarpal Singh. It had been ten years of his wife’s death, but he did not get married again. He has many cousins who enjoy his ancestral asset but have no sympathy for him. Rai Sahab has an interest in drama, shooting, music, literature. He was a devotee of Lord Rama. So was organising a Stage show “Ramlila” on Dashahara for which he had to collect twenty thousand rupees in five to seven days. He decided to collect those twenty thousand rupees from his Assamese. In my opinion, if he was a real devotee of God Rama, he should organise the stage show on his strength, but he has no devotion towards Gods; he just wanted to show his power to his friends and relatives.

He was a member of the council. Though once he went to jail after leaving the committee’s membership for the satyagraha movement that set a good impression on his Assamese, he never turned back to bother his Assamese. He talks big things about humanity, but he maltreats his servants and Assamese. One day while talking with Hori, one of his servants came and informed him that several servants were not ready to work at one anna; after listening to it, he became furious and threatened the servants. Although he used to maltreat his Assamese, he sometimes used to help his people.

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